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Kejriwal tears up farm laws

New Delhi : Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal tore up copies of the farm bills in a special session of the Assembly on Thursday. “Do not behave worse than the British rulers,” he warned the Centre. “Where was the hurry to get the contentious bills passed during the pandemic?” he questioned.

“I hereby tear the three farm laws in this Assembly and appeal to the centre not to become worse than the Britishers. What was the hurry in getting farm laws passed during the pandemic?” Kejriwal questioned the NDA government.  Comparing the farmers to Bhagat Singh, the martyr, Kejriwal said, “Every  farmer has become a Bhagat Sing.”

Kejriwal’s  Aam Admi Party (AAP) has been supporting the farmers’ protest movement  right from day one. The Delhi government has been providing sanitation, drinking water and medical care to thousands of the farmers who have been agitating for more than two weeks against the government and the three farm laws made in a hurry. They have been braving the Delhi cold and staying put at the Singhu border. Kejriwal was with the farmers last week at the border as a mark of solidarity.

He accused the BJP leaders of branding those who opposed the anti-farmer laws as anti-nationals. The people supporting the farmers include ex-servicemen, celebrities, singers, academicians, doctors, traders and actors. Do the BJP leaders mean all of them are anti-national?  Kejriwal said nearly twenty protestors, including a priest who committed suicide, died during the three weeks of the protests. He asked the government to specify how many sacrifices the farmers have to make to get their grievances redressed.  Earlier, two MLAs of AAP had torn the copies of the anti-farmer  laws saying they refuse the accept the black laws.

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