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TRS will win for the third time: KCR at party plenary

  • We will win 90 percent of the Assembly seats this time
  • BJP should stop spreading communal hatred

Telangana chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao has expressed confidence that TRS will win 90 percent of the seats in the forthcoming Assembly elections. He said TRS has a fund of Rs. 861 crore. Party on the whole has assets worth of Rs. 1000 crore. It is only the TRS that can protect the interests of the people of Telangana.

If the State has to do well, the country also should fare well. KCR wanted TRS leaders to tour the world and find out the development programmes being implemented in various countries. He said the party would organize training classes for the cadres. The alternative agenda for the nation and the idea of alliances would be discussed in the training classes.

KCR told the plenary session, organised at Madhapur in Hyderabad city on the occasion of TRS 21st anniversary, that there is a lot pressure on him to work at the national level and people are asking him to launch TRS at national level by changing it’s name into BRS (Bharat Rashtra Samiti). He said time has come for TRS to play its national role.

With the development of technology, the world has become a small village, KCR said. One should desire development not unrest. What did Narendra Modi do in the last eight years of his rule, asked KCR. Even in agriculture and power sectors, the country is going down. The BJP has been ruling on the foundation of utter lies. The BJP leaders are spreading hatred in order to win elections. Modi only talks, does not do anything good, remarked KCR. The present union government wants strong centre and weak States. We are not able to utilize the resources we have in our country. People have been observing the governments very keenly. They are prepared to teach appropriate lessons to political parties.

BJP has been instigating violence in the country. They brought a situation where people of different faiths cannot coexist. There are many prominent Hindus who are living happily. Why is the BJP afraid of the livelihood of Hindus, KCR asked. There are Hindu temples even in countries like the US. He advised the central government not to allow religious conflicts.

KCR said his government did not raise the prices of petrol and diesel even by one paisa. But the effect of the oil price rise by the Centre is felt on the RTC. The State government is paying two to three thousand crore to save RTC. Prime Minister encouraging the States to privatize organizations like RTC. The Centre is selling everything for a song to capitalists and asking the States to follow suit.

K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
Founder & Editor


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