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SV Rama Rao’s anthology of poems released

  • Speakers praise Rama Rao’s creativity in art and literature
  • A lot of work remains to be done on the greatest artist

SV Rama Rao is an artist of world repute and a lot of work remains to be done to appropriately introduce him to the future generations, film director B Narsing Rao said. A book on the lines of ‘Art at Telangana’ could be planned but it means a lot of hard work, besides huge expenditure. Artists such as Sanjeev Dev have to be written about. Rama Rao is the greatest artist in India and the work on him should be in keeping with his stature in the world of art. Articles on Rama Rao that appeared in Bharati and other magazines would be helpful in this kind of work, Narsing Rao said.

‘Aaloolaantaraalaloo’, a compilation of Telugu poems by world famous artist SV Rama Rao was released by famous film director, artist and poet B Narsing Rao at press club in Hyderabad on Friday.

Since 2014, the monographs of about 150 artists were produced. The lives of a number of artists in Andhra Pradesh have to be studied and depicted. Telugus should have integrated approach as far as arts and literature are concerned, Narsing Rao emphasized.

Gadapa Anand, famous artist and teacher of art history at Fine Arts College, Hyderabad, spoke about Andhra Jatiya Kalasala and the influence of Pramod Kumar Chattarjee on the artists graduated from that college. He said he has been working in close cooperation with Narsing Rao and studying the lives of artists. Andhra artists also have to be studied and their lives and works have to be written about for the sake of future generations.

Vadrevu China Veera Bhadrudu, IAS, who retired from AP government service recently, explained the meaning of the title. Loola means swinging, allola is swinging with joy, antaraalaalaloo are the internal worlds which together make the internal universe. The title of the book means ‘happily swinging in the internal universe.’ Introducing the book, Veerabhadrudu said there are a few geniuses in the world from Michael Angilo, William Blake to Tagore and Adavi Bapiraju in every continent who thrived both in art and literature. Bengalis take pride in describing Rabindranath Tagore as an artist rather than a poet. Rama Rao was a wizard with colours and created wonderful works while fine-tuning the art of mixing colours in the most meaningful way. But he took care not to allow his colours dominate or interfere with his poetry which is abstract. Rama Rao’s poetry stands alone with bold relief and even if we forget Rama Rao, for a moment,  that he is an artist and a poet, the poems without acknowledging his name not only make sense but they have great value, said China Veerabhadrudu.

Tallavajjala Shivaji, a senior journalist and art critic, said SV Rama Rao is a great artist and also a great poet. Famous artist Giridhar Gowd spoke about his association with Rama Rao and the inspiration he drew from his works. Madireddi Padmalata, who was on a visit to Hyderabad from Chicago, the place where SV Rama Rao lives, spoke about the saintly life Rama Rao leads in the US. Punna Krishna Murthy, a senior journalist and art critic, proposed vote of thanks. Rama Rao who watched the proceedings from the US telephoned to profusely thank everyone who made the function a success.

Dr. K. Ramachandra Murthy, a journalist, presided over the function which was attended by the cream of art lovers in Hyderabad. A  beautifully brought out book, Aloolaantaraalaalalo’  was made possible by Nagesh and his wife Dr. Saraswati.  Giridhar Gowd, Suresh, Somaiah from Tenali and Shivaji Raju from Bhimavaram came all the way for the book release function. The book was published by Tenali Prachuranalu.    

K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
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