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Huzura’badshah’ Eatala, What does it mean for TRS?

  • BJP candidate heading for a stupendous victory
  • Congress loses deposit
  • Big jolt for TRS, warning bell for ruling party, say analysts
  • Money, men and muscle power failed in Huzurabad bypoll

Huzurabad: By the time counting completed for 17 rounds out of 22, BJP’s candidate Eatala Rajender was heading for a victory with majority of 15000 votes. It may end up around 20 plus after 22 rounds of counting, but the bypoll leaves a big question mark and task for two parties, Congress and TRS.

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BJP campaign according to a plan        

BJP started its campaign soon after Eatala joined the saffron party. That was an added advantage for its candidate. The saffron party  which does not have much vote bank in Huzurabad focused on booth and poll management very seriously. They know that TRS party will stretch its hand in full swing and the BJP did not want to give chance at any cost. RSS cadre, BJP cadre all moved to Huzurabad’s  five mandals and campaigned door to door by explaining the necessity of Eatala’s win in the bypoll. For every 20 members, BJP was successful in keeping a leader to look after them up to election. The BJP was very successful in the poll management, where TRS failed which is clearly visible with the result. Majority for Eatala in TRS candidate Gellu Srinivas Yadav’s native place Himmatnagar and in Veenavanka mandal, Kaushik reddy’s own place, proves how BJP went on with strategy in the by poll.

TRS tried, but failed

The main problem for the party was weak candidate when compared to Eatala. Trouble shooter Minister Harish Rao’s vigorous campaign reduced majority of Eatala from nearly 40 k to 20 k as per observers. Harish Rao knows very well that sympathy swing is towards Eatala and made to cut it down by highlighting in  the campaign the rise in petrol, diesel and LPG prices. Dalit Bandhu scheme, which TRS thought is a weapon for them to fetch win, did not work expected. Salepalli, a village taken as pilot project for Dalit Bandhu, could not fetch majority for TRS either. It clearly indicates that people are angry with KCR and the TRS party.

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What would have happened had Congress fielded a strong candidate?

The name which was making rounds for the candidature of the Congress before Dr. Balmoor venkat was nominated, was that of Konda Surekha. Had she been fielded, the result would have been surely different. Congress party lost deposit in the by poll and the vote bank was totally shifted towards Eatala. This is the dangerous move by TPCC President with cadre and voters getting tilted towards BJP in the constituency. They may not come back to the  Congress.  There are rumours and speculations that BJP and Congress got tied up to defeat TRS. It might be true after observing the vote share for the party. Senior Congress leaders had already  started innuendos against Revanth by saying Venkat was made a scapegoat in the election by Revanth and Bhatti Vikramarka. If Revanth thinks that, TRS should be defeated, he is forgetting that Congress party is also losing ground. Komati reddy Venkat Reddy and Jagga Reddy came out openly that Revanth is misleading party cadre.

Anti-incumbency of TRS or sympathy for Eatala?

Both these factors are true if we observe the poll trend and vote share. There is a clear cut sympathy factor on Rajender, who won six times as MLA and worked as minister for seven years. The voters of Huzurabad are totally convinced that TRS party cheated their hero Rajender and expelled him without any proper reason and proof. The allegations made by TRS leaders that Rajender’s sleeping on a bed in hospital was a drama, made Huzurabad voters’ angry. The reaction was the same when ruling party leaders came out by saying Rajender was responsible for stopping Dalit Bandhu scheme. When sympathy factor is towards Rajender, TRS leaders should have handled with utmost care. Instead they heaped more and more of false allegations on him, which was rejected by voters. The muscle and money power also did not work in the bypoll. It was the costliest election in India, but the result proved that money power will not always work. Unemployed youth and women came out in large number to support Rajender and for the first time, minorities, Muslim and Christian voters supported Rajender irrespective of the party he is contesting for, that is BJP.

Jolt for TRS and Congress

It is a clear warning bell for ruling party and Congress party. TRS which is aiming for hat-trick win in Assembly elections may think twice for going elections as per schedule. There might be change of mind in TRS Supremo to go for early elections. Congress party, which appeared with josh after Revanth was announced as TPCC chief will be silent for the moment. They are in shock for Revanth’s move by fielding a weak candidate in the bypoll. Though Revanth’s aides say, there is master plan behind it, no one believes or agrees with that statement. People of Telangana strongly believe that Congress and BJP had a secret deal to defeat TRS and it appears true at the end of the day after observing the result.

KCR will not go for elections in November, which is an unlucky month for him. Party lost in Dubbaka in November 2nd week and now in Huzurabad in first week of November. So, KCR, who believes in Astro and sentiments too close, may not opt for elections in November month once again said a BJP leader with a smile after observing Huzurabad result.

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