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Huzurabad bypoll counting: Will there be a twist in tale?

Eection observers at Huzurabad inspecting counting facilities

  • High voter turnout, both parties are  keeping fingers crossed
  • Majority Exit Polls predict will BJP win
  • Which party benefitted by cross-voting, internal disputes?
  • What happened between 5pm  to 7 pm on voting day?
  • Will there be twist in tale on counting day?

Huzurabad: Yes, all eyes were on Huzurabad on bypoll day which ended with minor clashes. Record voter turnout witnessed with 86.33%, 2.5% more than in 2018, with youth and women voters coming in large numbers to cast their vote. The battle of prestige was  between Eatala and K. Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) after Congress giving up even before the battle began.

Exit Poll surveys predict that BJP will win with a majority of 10k to 15k. The methodology adopted by the noted agencies and their authenticity can’t be questioned. After polling ended, BJP cadre lifted Eatala’s spirits with winning slogans in Jammikunta, Bandi Sanjay said their candidate will win with huge majority. Telangana Bhavan was silent and except star campaigner, minister Harish Rao, none came out openly to claim that TRS will win. Even the correspondent of PrimePost.in  gave ground report saying that Eatala will win with a small margin. These Exit Poll surveys, all collected samples up to 5 pm, which is enough to read the voters psychology and trend.

But here are few findings after a detailed report from different sections of people. From first hour of polling to lunch session, both BJP and TRS equally competed in making their cadre vote. After lunch session, second half of the polling went on giving a  little edge for Eatala in many centres, including Urban and rural areas.

The last 2 hours of voting from 5 pm to 7 pm differed as per findings. There was a chit chat in BJP circles on Sunday, who felt that cycling went on between these two hours in favour of TRS. This was masterly implemented  according to Harish Rao’s  sketch as per opposition leaders. BJP leaders, who are confident of 5% margin up to 5 pm, are now calculating the difference they managed after 5 pm. The 2 hours voting may reduce the majority of Eatala and may end up with slight edge to TRS, felt BJP cadre who went on for campaigning from Hyderabad.

There is clear cut cross voting seen with Congress vote bank shifted towards BJP, but at the same time, cadre of congress leader who recently shifted to ruling party also cross voted for BJP, says ground sources.

The balance of cross voting and the last 2 hours cycling may show impact on lead and result. There will be nail biting finish on November 2nd, the counting day. The T 20 World Cup between India and Pakistan ended as a one sided show, but surely watch out every round on counting day which will increase pulse rate for candidates and cadre which will end up as an exciting thriller.


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