Saturday, June 22, 2024

Sankranti Poem by ChatGPT

The prompt given to ChatGPT: “Write a poem on Makara Sankranti”

Golden sun, shining bright,
Makara Sankranti, marks the light.
Harvested crops, gathered with care,
Offered to the gods, with love and prayer.

Kites flying high, in the sky,
Colors bright, with joy they fly.
Sweet treats, shared with all,
The festival of Makara Sankranti, a time to stand tall.

With every year, a new beginning,
A time to let go of past sinning.
A time to forgive and forget,
A time to start anew, with no regrets.

So let us celebrate with cheer,
Makara Sankranti, the time of the year.
With love, peace and unity,
May this festival bring prosperity.

– by ChatGPT


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