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YSRCP’s loss is TDP’s gain

Are the squabbles in YSRCP a solution to the crisis in TD? The internal squabbles in YSRCP are giving hope to the Telugu Desam high command in solving the scarcity of efficient candidate  in the coming  assembly elections. Telugu Desam is struggling to get potential candidates at least in seventy assembly segments. Many of the leaders in various constituencies, who were in the ‘ticket aspirants’ list’, are new comers and not capable of getting votes on their own. The party should supply men, material and money to win in the election if party tickets are given to them. The party programmes are invisible in these segments and it is in the report given by Robin Sharma, election expert extending logistical support to the yellow party. The performance of the party programme “Idemi Kharma” was so poor in the 70 segments. The revolt of Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, Nellore Rural MLA,  against YSRCP high command and announcing his intent to contest  on the Telugu Desam ticket  in the next elections is a blessing in disguise to the Naidu’s party. It is expected that the party may get a good candidate in Venkatagiri assembly segment in Nellore district.

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Though YSRCP MLA Anam Ramnarayana Reddy has not opened up his mind on joining   the TDP, he istalking against YSRCP. Anam has no other choice and he may join the TDP if he leaves the ruling party. YSRCP supremo announced Nedurumilli Ramakumar Reddy as party inchargein Venkatagiri assembly constituency and he is attending to the ‘Gadapa Gadapaki’ program in the villages. The case of Undavalli Sridevi, former minister and MLA of Tadikonda, is also falling on line. Kathera Suresh was appointed as Tadikonda segment YSRCP incharge. Sridevi is trying to embarrass the party with her gestures there. TD chief Nara Chandrababu Naidu is ready to give her party ticket in the next elections if she has shown interest. There is such news pertaining to the Mylavaram assembly segment where Vasantha Krishna Prasad is representing as YSRCP MLA. There are signals that YSRCP chief may not give party tickets to the sitting MLAs whose performance is not satisfactory. Chandrababu Naidu has allegedly eyed such candidates and he may pick up some potential candidates. The TD chief is considering that these candidates, who will have bitterness against Jagan Mohan Reddy for not giving party ticket, will give a reasonable fight against YSRCP in the elections. These candidates should definitely have financial potential and they may get some votes on their own along with TD votes.

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