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Will YSRCP get all the 23 MLC seats to fall vacant in AP?

The ruling party in Andhra Pradesh, the YSRCP, has a cent percent chance to win 18 MLC seats in MLAs and Governor’s quota and local bodies constituencies and it will try to siege the five MLC seats –three in graduate and two in Teachers’ MLC constituencies. The time limit of nine MLCs in local body constituencies one each in Anannthpur, Kadapa, Kurnool, Chittoor, East Godavari, Srikakulam and Nellore and two in West Godavari will be ended by 1 May 2023. The voters for the local bodies MLC polls include municipal corporators, councillors, ZPP and MPP members and representatives of other local bodies. YSRCP bagged all local bodies – all 13 zilla partishads, corporations and 99 percent municipalities. With this, it is easy for the ruling party to siege all nine MLCs for local bodies from TDP and get in its kitty.

As far as seven TDP MLCs in MLA quota – five YSRCP and two TDP – to  fall vacant  by March 29, 2023, all of them will go to the YSRCP obviously. It had 151 MLAs strength in the assembly excluding five dissident MLAs of TD and Janasena. Two MLCs in Governor’s quota like NMD Farooq and C H Sivanatha Reddy- will be retired on 20 July 2023. Obviously, the two will go to the YSRCP. 

The ruling party wants to continue its winning streak in three graduate MLCs elections are scheduled for March 23. S Sudhakar, chairman of the Brahman Corporation, would contest the polls from the former Srikakulam-Vizianagaram-Visakhapatnam districts, Syam Prasad Reddy of Gudur will be graduate MLC candidates from YSRCP from erstwhile Prakasam-Nellore-Chittoor districts and V Ravi will be the candidates for Kurnool-Kadapa-Ananthpur districts. The YSRCP may try to win the three graduate MLC seats and two teacher MLC constituencies like Prakasam-Nellore-Chittoor and Kadapa-Ananthpur-Kurnool whose tenure would end by 29 March 2023.

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