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Want to Learn English?

1 First do not try to speak as it consolidates your mistakes.

2 Try to read, hear a lot of English through books, magazines, TV, movies which you can understand.

3 Learn basics of Grammar and practice some exercises.

4 Daily write 10-15 lines on any topic and get it corrected by a good teacher who can explain your mistakes.

5 The more time you spend with English the more you learn it.

6 After three months you can start speaking with your friends.

7 Your success depends on your focus on spelling, meaning, pronunciation and usage of words.

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Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur had been a Lecturer in English. He is a poet, critic and translator. His interests are Literature, Philosophy and social media.


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