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Telangana movement model for farmers, KCR exhorts


  • Politics and direct peaceful action should be combined
  • Two-pronged struggles are the need of the hour
  • KCR asked to lead the farmers at national level
  • Keep on chanting ‘Jai Kisan’ slogans

Telangana Chief Minister  K. Chandrashekar Rao (KCR) asserted the peasants’ plights and agricultural crisis can be solved by taking up a combined struggle in coordination between the farmers movement and  Parliamentary way. CM made it clear that the path adhered during the  Telangana movement should be followed in resolving the farmers problems to reach the goals.

KCR said that it is essential to chant Jai Kisan slogans from  anti – farmer forces like anti- Telangana forces came in support of Jai Telangana. He said all the farmer leaders in the country should unite and respond.  The CM said that agriculture is a way of life to the farmer. If the farmer is happy then the agriculture will flourish and if the agriculture is good then the society will be happy. CM called upon the national farmers’ leaders to uphold the dignity of the farmers and work together to protect their self-respect.

KCR speaking at the meeting of the national farm leaders

Farmers plights are still unresolved in Vajrotsava Bharat

It is unfortunate that the peasants facing the farming problems are yet to found solutions  since decades in the 75 years of Independent India. The meeting of the National Farmers Unions on Sunday resolved to fight against the union Government which is pursuing anti Farmer policies and protecting the agriculture sector. The meeting adopted a resolution CM to take the lead in uniting the farmers of the country from the village level. Under the chairmanship of KCR, the national farmers association leaders held a meeting second day on Sunday at Pragati Bhavan. Following Saturday’s resolution to float a national farmers united front, the meeting discussed the farmers issue. The meeting decided to organize another meeting soon and formulate the policy rules.

Lengthy debates on agriculture  problems – solutions

On this occasion, a long discussion was held on the Union Government’s faulty agricultural policies which caused the collapse of the farming sector and the ways to address them in present dangerous situations. The leaders of the national farmers’ associations from many states expressed their views. The farmers’ struggles in the country from the period of independence till today, the leaders who led them, the policies adopted by them and the forms of struggle have been  discussed.  The senior leaders expressed their opinion in the meeting requesting CM to prepare an action plan for the movement, blue print to unite the entire farming community and a strategy to move forward.

Will achieve everything through united fight

CM said that agriculture is the way of life of the people of this country and no one will separate agriculture from this country. Great power is laid within the farmers. It needs to be drawn out. We have to find solutions to our problems ourselves. The Telangana Movement, which I started myself, has proved that everything can be achieved through united efforts. Before me, there were many struggles for Telangana. Due to the lack of specific action plan action in the specific situations, the objective of statehood for Telangana was not achieved earlier. Before starting the Telangana movement, he spent a few thousand hours brainstorming with intellectuals from various fields. He explores the reasons behind the failure of Telangana struggles. With a firm determination, he moved forward with the Telangana movement through combined struggle in coordination between political ways and Telangana movement,” said CM.

Will take up a parliamentary struggle in a peaceful way

“During the Telangana movement, he asked to send a young man from every house. He  called to participate in the parliamentary struggle by casting their vote. People are made aware through different forms of movement. We have succeeded in achieving the goal by turning the weapon of vote into a representation of public aspirations. He dispelled people’s doubts on the formation of Telangana state and made it a reality” said KCR. He said that political decisions will influence people’s lives and the Assemblies and Parliaments are the platforms for this. He said  the history made it clear that the  movements and struggles taken up without involving legislature bodies were not succeeded in Independent India.

TRS leaders flanking KCR while he addresses national farm leaders at Pragati Bhavan

CM said politics is not wrong. Why should not the farmers who feed the country go to the legislature Bodies? CM asked.

Farmer leaders should become  politics as partners

There is no need for confusion on entering into Politics. CM called upon the farmer leaders to shed their doubts and take a plunge into the politics and help solve the problems of the country’s farmers. He said that every problem can be solved only through the democratic parliamentary method by taking up specific activities in the specific situations and continuing the movement. CM reiterated that the achievement of Telangana state is proof of that. “Wherever  agitations are required, let us do agitations – where there is a need for politics, let us do politics. In a democracy, people are the Lords. We are lagging behind in realising our power. It is not right to think that being in politics is impure,” said CM.

Let’s build a united front at the national level

“All the leaders of farmers’ associations who participated in this meeting should go to your areas and discuss the decisions and issues we deliberated in the meeting with your associations and farmers. Take advice and suggestions from them. Let’s meet again in a few days. Let’s build a united event at the national level. Let us show the unity of the farmers to reach every village in the country.  Let’s hear the demands of farmers from all over the country. Let’s call the scientists, economists, intellectuals and journalists from various fields at the national level and hold deep discussions and analyze with all of them.  In that meeting, let’s prepare the operational blue print and procedures to be followed to protect the country’s farmers and agriculture sector from problems. Let’s build an organisation with federal spirit at state, district, taluk and village level. Let’s conduct training programs for farmers. KCR said that like spreading the ideology for the achievement of Telangana, let’s spread the ideology needed for solving the problems of the farmers in all the villages of the country.

Let’s make Avwal Darja Kisan’..( Farmers are first priority) I am a farmer myself. I am aware of the hardships of the farmers and also know how to solve them. Let us establish farmer offices to connect North and South India including Delhi and Hyderabad. Let us train them in such a way that even a common farmer will have an open discussion with the Prime Minister of India. Let us start the struggle at once with a uniform agenda for the farmers.  Let’s make the country’s farmer an ‘Avwal Darja Kisan’ who rises up with self-respect, CM KCR called on the leaders of farmers’ associations.

Let’s follow the path shown by CM KCR..

Senior farmers from Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, West Bengal and other states said, “All these years, we have ignored the politics which will change our lives. We take up movements and agitations  to solve farmers’ problems and ignore politics. Let us walk together on the path followed by KCR from now onwards. Let’s use the brahmastra (ultimate weapon) of the vote and find  solutions to the problems of the country’s farmers.

Country’s farmers should not lose even one acre of land

The meeting opined that the central government is acting in a highly irresponsible manner in the name of new farm laws, installing meters for electric motors, increasing transport charges, stopping grain purchases and adopting lopsided policies in the export and import of farmer’s crops.

The meeting opined that the union government is acting without responsibility. There is a conspiracy to destroy agriculture, obliterate the small farmers and hand over the country’s agriculture sector to the corporate sector. It should bump back and protect every acre of the farmer.

Senior farmers from Punjab said that the credit will go to the India farmers who forced  Prime Minister Narendra Modi to tender apology to the entire farming community and thwarted the union Government’s attempt to demolish all Market Yards in the guise of farmers can sell their produce anywhere in India

Save Indian Farmers… Building of real India by KCR

The farmers of Tamil Nadu have made it clear that the anti-farmer actions of Prime Minister Modi have become dangerous for the country’s farmers and that the heavy responsibility lies on the country’s farmers to ensure that such danger does not happen again. They conveyed CM KCR… that the country is inviting you… Please save Indian farmers.

The leaders of the South Indian Farmers Union who participated in the meeting made it clear that the building of real India should start from the hands of leaders like KCR, and that the  problems will be solved only if the farmers of all states move forward with the slogan of One Nation – One Farmer’s Union.

Telangana farmer schemes all over the country

Leaders of farmers’ unions of various states are of the view that the Telangana government’s Rythu Bandhu, Rythu Bima, 24-hour free electricity, irrigation and other agricultural development programmes and farmer welfare programs implemented by the Telangana government, including Dalit Bandhu, are creating fear among the rulers at the Centre, but implementing these programmes across the country with sincerity.

Dalit Bandhu is revolutionary Scheme

Raghavendra Kumar, a Dalit farmer from Uttar Pradesh, who participated in the meeting, came to know about the implementation of the Dalit Bandhu scheme during a field trip yesterday and shared his experiences. He said that the Dalit Bandhu scheme is a revolutionary scheme that brings light to the lives of the downtrodden Dalits and demanded that the Dalit Bandhu model be implemented across the country. The meeting expressed concern that although agriculture is a subject under state jurisdiction; all key decision-making powers remain in the hands of the Centre.

Senior farmer leaders are of the view that if the country’s peasantry does not participate in the share of political power at the Centre, a fully democratic system cannot be established in agrarian India. In the spirit of Acharya Vinoba Bhave, “Let us build independent villages” in an independent country.

Telangana is peaceful with the vision of CM KCR

Because of CM KCR Vision and hard work, peace is flourishing in the state. The farmers who participated said that the impact of recent communal hatred has not been affected in Hyderabad and Telangana because of CM KCR Vision.

KCR felicitated the leaders of the National Farmers Unions:

KCR felicitated the leaders of the National Farmers Unions with shawls on this occasion. Minister Sri Vemula Prashant Reddy, State President of Rythubandhu Samiti, MLC Sri Palla Rajeshwar Reddy and other TRS leaders were present.


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