Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Social media, sometimes, a watchdog on mainstream media?

Using last year pictures with the news item on ‘a clash between two political parties and police in Gannavaram’ by the mainstream media to mislead the readers has been corrected by the social media. Interestingly, the popular vernacular daily accepted it as a ‘technical error’ and it stated that it used last year’s photographs by mistake. When compared to the mainstream media, forty percent of the news in social media is being proved wrong. There is no accountability of the news being carried by the social media. The fact of the matter is that the social media has been giving first information to the mainstream  media. It is the responsibility of mainstream media to check whether the news given by social media is correct or not. K Phani Kumar, a senior journalist commented, “The days that they (the mainstream media) can dictate terms and publish what they like are over. To some extent, social media became a watchdog on the news in the newspapers. There are hundreds of occasions when the social media exposed the false news in the so called mainstream newspapers”.


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