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3 MLCs will be in Jagan’s cabinet soon?

After giving eleven MLCs to the backward classes, Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy is considering of taking three of the newly elected  MLCs into his cabinet. The exercise will be taken up after completing of next budget session. Three MLCs to be inducted in to the cabinet will be from the BC and ST sub-castes, which had never been representation in the cabinet. For example, Erukala caste did not have representation in the cabinet so far and likewise some of the backward communities.

Jagan wants to give strong impression among BCs that he is not confined to the statements on BC empowerment and he is very serious in his determination. As part of it, the AP CM has reportedly decided to absorb the unrepresented castes in his cabinet in place of others.  He may not hesitate to sacrifice ministers from forward castes for that reason.

Jagan plans to steal BCs from TDP pocket

Backward communities had been with the TDP since NTR floated the Telugu Desam Party. The importance to the BCs continued as long as NTR was alive. Former chief minister Nara Chandrababu Naidu too continued that legacy albeit  with lesser impact. Jagan eyed more on TD’s BC base and attracted them towards YSRCP by giving more berths in legislative  assembly and council apart from the cabinet. Kandula Suryaprakasa Rao, a Pamasali leader and a sari merchant in Perala near Chirala, said, “The weaver community were very much impressed with the Jagan’s moves that giving unexpected priority to the backward classes particularly the weavers. The elevation to the BCs is being discussed in our community meetings. There is a chance of shifting weavers’ votes in favour of Jagan from Telugu Desam”. In case the statement of Suryaprakasa Rao is proved right, Jagan’s move can be considered as a master stoke.

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