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Secunderabad Railway Station attack case: Where are the masterminds?

  • Remand report says 56 involved in riots
  • Avula Subba Rao accused for provoking candidates, but name in FIR missing
  • Anti social elements joined hands during arson
  • Students became scapegoats at the end
  • Where are actual persons who created ruckus?

Hyderabad: The protest against Agnipath scheme lead to violence on June 17th causing arson, attack on secunderabad railway station leading to death of a student and with few injured. There were police firing, stones pelting, emotional, aggressive scenes witnessed at Railway station which ran for more than 8 hours on the day. At last, Government railway police submitted remand report to local court which reads that 56 has been identified out of which 45 were sent to custody and 11 are absconding. Pitiable part is that all the accused are aspirants of job in army who have completed physical and mental fitness test.

Remand report further reads that students created WhatsApp groups in the name of Railway station Block, Indian army group, Hakeempet Army soldiers group, Chalo Secunderabad ARO3 group, CEE soldiers group and so on with the assistance of several private defence academies. At around 8.30 am on June 17th, mob of around 2000 entered platform no 1, gate 3 at the station chanting slogans against Agnipath scheme. Few from the group started pelting stones at locomotive coaches and started attacking on the canteens on the platform holding rods and sticks. Dhanpur, East coast express and a few other trains were on the platform by the time mob entered into station. Train on platform number 10 has two engines with 4000 litres of HSD and 3000 litres of transformer oil and some tried to set fire to these engines. As prevention, police opened fire in air on the mob believing there would be massive damage if engines caught fire.

Subba Rao and Sai Defence Academy’s role

Name which came into limelight for the attack was Avula Subba Rao. Who is this Subba Rao? He was Ex-service man who runs army coaching centre by the name Sai Defence academy in Narsaropet. He is said to be mastermind behind the violence who instigated protesters through WhatsApp messages and provocative speeches. He is running branches by the name of Sai defence academy in both Telugu states. Mob who reached Secunderabad belongs to Karimnagar, Mancherial, Guntur, Mahaboobnagar and Nizamabad districts along with greater Hyderabad. He was detained in Kambam of Prakasam district by AP police Intelligence Bureau (IB) and SIT conducted raids on Subba Rao’s main office on Monday for key evidences. Wasim, who is running the academy in Karimnagar also said to be one of key accused for the arson.

What about Rakesh and Madhusudhan?

It was a surprise to see remand report of the police where the name of Subba rao is excluded. As per both Hyderabad and Narasarao pet police, Subba rao is said to be key accused but name exclusion from FIR surprises all. They say that no proofs were found against Subba rao but on the day 450 students belonging to different branches of Sai Defence academy came in cars, Train to secunderabad railway station with pre planned. As per the students, they just came for Rail roko and they don’t know persons who carried petrol bottles, iron rods on to the platform.

Stop politics, please

Rakesh, 24 year old, main aspirant for job army lost his life during police firing on June 17th. He belongs to Narsampet of Warangal district.  Each and every political party tried to grab the mileage on the day of cremation with rallies wearing party T shirts, flags and even van which was carrying body was filled with ruling party flags which was severely criticised by Netizens. Congress, Communists also tried their best to compete, but dominated by ruling party with MLAs attending and Chief Minister, K. Chandrasekhar Rao announcing 25 lakhs compensation to the kin of the deceased. The reaction of youth and netizens looks to be harsh on this issue. What about the future of Madhusudhan, who was named as A1 in FIR? What about students who were injured in firing? There is clear picture that anti social elements entered the students protest and started pelting stones on police; they belong to different political parties, what fault we did? Are the questions raised by the arrested 45 students in the case. Madhusudhan, who hails from Yella Reddy is a good sports person, won many medals, and passed in physical and mental fitness test, He is waiting for job in army, but his dreams appear to be shattered as he is not eligible for job due to the case filed. Parents of accused are requesting police and government to bring out main culprits behind attack and their children became just scape goats in the incident and they are innocent. They are also requesting politicians to stop politics and find out the truth behind attack.

Out of 2000 persons or mob, only 56 accused and 450 came from defence academy? Who are the other 1500 members? To which party or organisation they belong to? Who is the mastermind behind the arson and attack? What are the political parties doing and what is their motive? These are the questions left unanswered.


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