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Why is vaccine not available in Hyderabad?

Hyderabad: What is happening on the vaccine front? Why is the corona vaccine not available in Hyderabad and other places in Telangana for five days? Who is responsible for this mess? People who are due to take vaccine for the second time are concerned about the availability of vaccine. They are missing the due date.  Private hospitals say they have not been getting the vaccine. Government hospitals also do not have it. Has it something to do with the controversy regarding pricing of vaccination which the Central government should have fixed long ago? Is it because the manufacturers are keen on making profits now? Or is it because of lack of initiative on the part of the state government?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared that even 18-year old youngsters can have vaccine from May 2 without verifying whether vaccine was available. The Telangana government has announced that Bharat Biotech, the local manufacturer of Covaxin, has promised to supply vaccine to the people of Telangana on priority basis. What happened to that promise? Why did that Poonawala of Pune go to London? Why there is no statement about non-availability of vaccine from State or Central governments? In the middle of the second wave of the virus, the health minister who was seen doing a good job, was fired on account of some allegation regarding occupying assigned lands. Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhara Rao (KCR), who is confined to his farm house, has taken over the portfolio. Since then Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar made a few statements. But he did not talk about the non-availability of vaccine. People are worried about it. Government should come forward and make vaccine available to the people. It is the minimum that is expected of the government.


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