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Hopeless governments, hapless people!

Arundhati Roy’s statement was truly moving. She was right in requesting Prime Minister Narendra Modi to step down. Since he cannot think of carrying other political parties and experts with him in resolving a crisis that has been bleeding the nation by killing people in thousands, it is best that he opted out of office and do whatever he liked. It applies to Yogi Adityanath, UP chief minister, as well. Or whoever is sitting in the high chair and utterly failing in his duty.

Arundhati Roy, famous writer, has suggested, in a media statement on 04 May 2021, that there are leaders in the BJP, other than Modi,  who can take the opposition parties into confidence and try to face the crisis that is destroying  the nation. I suggest the name of Nitish Gadkari, a person who is from Nagpur and acceptable to the RSS. He is competent and can deal with the opposition. He never spoke of ‘Congress Mukt Bharat.’ He is prepared to deal with the Congress leaders and other opposition leaders like a democrat. If Gadkari is not acceptable to a section in the BJP, they can think of Rajnath Singh. But not  Yogi Adityanath. We need a person who can respect the diversity of the country and who has no ego when it comes to seeking cooperation of other political parties, experts and other stakeholders in a democracy.

It is appalling that the prime minister  did not feel it necessary to address a media  conference in order to assure the beleaguered people of the country that things would be brought under control. He depended only on his monologue by way of ‘Man Ki Baath.’  He is not prepared to take a question from a media person.  The disaster that the country is facing needs a leader who has compassion and competence. Modi has disappointed even his ardent  admirers with his stoic silence and utter inefficiency in rising up to the occasion. When he cannot change his ways, cannot speak to the opposition leaders, cannot talk to the media persons, it is only fair that he gives way to someone else who is prepared to behave as a normal politician. It is not acceptable that the prime minister of India would not communicate with the people who are facing greatest crisis and abject misery of their lives.

The judiciary has been reprimanding the governments at the Centre and in the States but to no avail. Even judiciary has its limitations. The Supreme Court, Delhi and Madras High Courts have told several  governments to set things right, arrange supply of  medical oxygen to hospitals and make vaccine available. But there is no response from the governments either by word or by action. What can the hapless people do when they have hopeless governments?

K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
Founder & Editor


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