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Divine Musings – 18

Mercy on me O Swamy, mercy on me!
From where descended I; the high acme
to deep nadir; from redolent expanse
to dark cavern; from heavenly romance
to earthly drab. Alas, all bliss did flee!

Not long ago, I lived in Thee, and Thee
in me; we together gleaned the cosmic glee.
But now ebbing from séance, I look askance.
Mercy on me!

The weed of old desires still blights my lea
and hover shades of Maya’s canopy.
May be some remnant vice or teasing nuance
…thy holy grace alone at last can lance.
Mercy on me!

Mydavolu Venkata Sesha Sathyanarayana, who writes with the pen name MAHATHI, is a renowned Indian English poet. He has been on a mission to popularize Indian epics and philosophy, through his poems and long poems; especially in Western countries. He basically composes metrical verses in classical style, though not averse to composing free verses. His books FINDING THE MOTHER (SRI SUNDARA KANDA), HARE KRISHNA, OCEAN BLUES and THE GANGES AND OTHER POEMS are very popular and brought him great name and fame. His poems are published in a number of Indian and American print magazines. Poet's phone number: +91 93093 76172


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