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Mahesh’s Sarileru Neekevvaru’ to hit Tamil Screens

Prince Mahesh fans of Tamil Nadu will see him on big screens post Diwali with dubbed one of his latest flick ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’. Screening of movies was stopped due to lockdown across India and after unlock-5 guidelines few states have resumed it in multi-plexus. But as there were no movies to screen, Karnataka and TN are releasing dubbed versions of Tollywood movies which were released in Jan, Feb of 2020. Karnataka released Nitin’s ‘Bheeshma’ and Mahesh’s ‘Sarileru neekevvaru’ which is running with minimal occupancy.

Now if all goes well, Mahesh dubbed film titled as ‘Ivanukku Sariyana Aallllai’ will start screening from Diwali in TN. Talks are going on between producer’s council and digital service providers on the issue and can expect a positive nod from them in coming days. Few Tamil movies are also going to be screened from Diwali in Tamil Nadu and exhibitors are taking care so that there will be no clash in dates for release of movies.

Mahesh Babu is one actor who is enjoying huge fan following in Tamil Nadu. ‘Sarileru neekevvaru’ was released as Pongal gift in Tollywood which witnessed a block buster that netted highest collections in Mahesh’s career. Hope the same will be repeated in Tamil Nadu too.

Screening of movies has been started in Andhra Pradesh after a gap of six months due to corona pandemic. Vijayawada, known for film trends and the centre for mass entertainment, witnessed joy and happiness after two theatres started screening at Gandhinagar.

Audi 2 and Audi 3 of INOX located at Gandhinagar screened ‘Sarileru Neekevvaru’ and ‘Kanulu Kanulanu Dochayante’ on the other day. People are happy to see the films on big screen after they got bored watching them on mobiles on TV’s.

There will be only two shows daily for a few days- morning show and evening show. Management took all precautions with safety and security pertaining to COVID-19 unlocks guidelines issued by Central government. There will be a 30 min gap between each show for sanitization and disinfection of theatres.

Theatre management is expecting raise in attendance as the days roll by. Entry is through thermal screening and tickets are booked online only. Alternate seats will be occupied with only 50% occupancy. Ticket prices have not been hiked despite alternate seats being left vacant. But all should take care of COVID-19 precautions as there are chances of increase in cases in coming days due to winter, felt a movie lover.


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