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Madasu Gangadharam quits Jana Sena

  • Writes a critical letter to Pawan Kalyan
  • Faults the leader’s penchant to give undue importance to ‘one person’
  • Questions  decision to leave left parties, join hands with BJP after 2019 elections

Hyderabad: Madasu Gangadharam, a senior leader from Nellore, has resigned from Jana Sena party on Sunday. He wrote a detailed letter to the party chief Pawan Kalyan stating the reasons for his disenchantment with the party and its leader.

Gangadharam , who has been in politics for more than three decades being an MLC in NTR’s time, had joined the JSP at the invitation of Pawan Kalyan three years ago. He has been inactive for the last one year. While introducing him to the media when he joined the party, Pawan Kalyan said he would make use of Gangadharam’s seniority and political experience. Though he was given some importance in the beginning and his advice was taken in running the party, Gangadharam said after a particular person to whom the chief of the party has been giving undue importance (hinting at Nadendla Manohar), there has been a change in the attitude of the film star-turned-politican.

Gangadharam said  he was made convener of Political Affairs Committee (PAC) in the beginning, it used to meet every month and discuss all aspects of national and state level matters threadbare in order to take policy decisions. But the meetings of the PAC have come down drastically. Although he was made chairman of the screening committee to select candidates for 2019 elections, candidates were selected to fight Assembly and Lok Sabha seats without his knowledge. He was blamed for putting up unworthy candidates in the elections. He said persons like him had put up with insults, though some had left the party, with the hope that things would settle down and the party would be run in a democratic way. Many people who left their careers and joined the party had to leave since one person has been taking his own decisions forcing the others to leave the party.  

Making strong allegations against the party chief, Gangadharam said nobody in the party understood why he had to leave the left parties and join hands with BJP soon after the 2019 elections. He also said party leaders knew nothing about Pawan Kalyan’s decision to enter into a pact with the BSP. Stating that films and politics are two different cups of tea, he alleged that the party chief is not able to make any distinction between the tow. He said the party is not run in a democratic way. The senior leader made it clear that for senior people like him it would be difficult to travel with him anymore. He said he had come to a firm conclusion that he has to resign from the party.


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