Sunday, June 23, 2024

PK followers waiting for his response to ‘Bumper Offer’

The workers of Jana Sena are eagerly waiting for the response from party’s chief Pawan Kalyan (PK) on the allegations published by a vernacular daily on the ‘bumper offer’ from BRS to their leader. In its report, the newspaper said that BRS leadership has made a Rs 1000 crore ‘bumper offer’ for election expenses in both the Telugu states if he is ready to sail with KCR in AP and Telangana. Though some of the Jana Sena leaders responded to it, Pawan Kalyan neither denied it nor admitted it. With this, YSRCP leaders started challenging PK to speak on it and there was no response from him. The pain of PK supporters is – Jana Sena leader showed chappals to TYSRCP leaders on their comment of ‘Dattaputra of Telugu Desam’ and ‘Package Star’. But, PK is maintaining silence on the newspaper comment. The PK fans are worrying a lot about it.


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