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KTR says BJP indulging in selling India

Hyderabad: “From State leaders to Union ministers, every BJP leader is spreading lies and hatred,” commented K. Taraka Rama Rao (KTR) on Tuesday. Launching a blistering attack on saffron leaders, KTR said, “ the BJP leaders are cousins of Goebbles.’ KTR, Minister of Municipal Administration, said the BJP government at the Centre is on a selling spree selling LIC of India, Indian Airlines and privatising Indian Railways and many other entities which were run by previous governments. KTR said BJP is working on a single agenda of ‘Becho India’ and the TRS’ slogan  is ‘Socho India.’ 

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No alliance with MIM

Prakash Javedekar while releasing BJP manifesto on Monday said ‘our government is TRS-MIM government.’ But the fact of the matter is the TRS and MIM have never been in alliance, he said. The youth  of Telangana should file a chargesheet against the BJP for cancelling ITIR. The migrant workers should file a chargesheet on the BJP government at the Centre for not going to their rescue when they were made to walk for hundreds of mile to reach their humble homes from their places of work  since the lockdown was imposed all of a sudden and transportation facilities were totally cancelled. Even God should file chargesheet against the BJP for blaming God for economic slowdown which was the result of mishandling and lack of imagination on the part of the government of India, he said.

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If we ask for our share, we are labelled separatists

“When the State demand their rightful share of the GST revenues, they are blamed as separatist,” KTR said. He has posed fifty questions challenging the BJP leaders to answer them to the satisfy the people. He asked a number of questions pertaining to Telangana and demanded the party to answer the questions.  

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