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Kamal Haasan Kickstarts campaign aims gun at centre

  • Targets Modi on Twitter few minutes before launching election campaign
  • MNM will bring complete transformation in State
  • Opposed to the new farm laws, confirms actor-turned -politician

Chennai: Actor-turned-politician, MNM chief, Kamal Hassan chose PM Modi as his target to kickstart his first election campaign for the upcoming assembly elections. Just a few minutes before leaving for Madurai of Southern Tamil Nadu, Kamal took to twitter for the remarks on PM. “When India is starving due to Covid pandemic which triggered loss of livelihoods, for whom is this new Parliament building being constructed at a cost of 1000 crores”, reads twitter.

Makka Needhi Malam chief straight away targeted BJP without wasting time, to say it is his main opponent and he is secular.” Answer honorable Prime Minister” Kamal asked in his tweet, which compared the construction of new Parliament building with that of Great Wall of China. Great Wall of China was to guard the people but thousands of people perished during its construction, Kamal said.

Kamal felt that there is need of complete transformation in TN and there is no point of regret and MNM will attend to the needs of the people.

He made it clear that there will be no coalition with any Dravidian party during 2021 assembly elections.

Makkal Needhi Maiyam(MNM) had already started preparations for the assembly elections .Party members requested Kamal Haasan to contest from Paramakudi, which is his home town. However, there was no nod from the party president to the proposal.

Party president is keen on going it alone without any alliance in 2021 assembly polls. He felt that rather than joining hands with Dravidian parties , it is better for him to go independently. However, he clarified that all decisions regarding candidates and alliances will be taken at an appropriate time. Kamal Haasan’s decision to go it alone came after messages in social media which said that Tamil Nadu is looking for a change rather than continuation of Dravidian politics.

Party workers opined that the decision of Rajinikanth backing out from politics may help MNM and increase chances of winning more seats. They also felt that Rajinikanth may help his film friend by giving support and the party is serious on capitalizing on Rajini factor.


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