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Modi calls for ‘Asol Paribartan’ in West Bengal

  • Mounts fierce attack against Didi
  • Says BJP govt. would bring in infrastructure, investment

Kolkata: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has promised real change (asol paribartan) in West Bengal if the people voted for the BJP in the forthcoming elections. Addressing a huge election rally here on Sunday, Modi said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is not the same person who removed Left Front from power. She has become a prisoner of nepotism, corruption and misrule, he alleged.  He explained what he meant by Asol Paribartan. Describing the gathering as one of the biggest he had ever addressed, Modi went on to blame Mamata for all the ills that are visiting West Bengal.

“From this Brigade Ground, I want to give you assurance of real change…an assurance of development of Bengal, assurance of things to change in Bengal, of increasing investment in Bengal, and assurance that for youth, farmers and workers, we will work 24-hours,” Narendra Modi has assured.

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For the future BJP government in West Bengal, the inspiration would come from the mantra, ‘Asol Paribartan,’ the prime minister said. He assured jobs for the youth, setting up of  industries and all-round development. There would be infrastructure of 21st century. He said West Bengal will be the most forward and developed State by 2047 when the country would be celebrating the centenary of Independence.

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This was the first of some 28 public meetings the prime minister is slated to address before the elections to the West Bengal assembly are concluded. The State is witnessing a tug-of-war between the ruling Trinamool Congress (TMC) and the BJP with the third front of Left Front-Congress- ISF (Indian Secular Front) also striving to make its presence felt. This is the most bitterly fought elections in West Bengal’s history. Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah had taken it as a prestigeous issue to win West Bengal and Kerala. They have been doing a lot of experiments in Kerala also such as inducting the metro man of India E. Sreedharan at the age of 88 years as a chief ministerial candidate. They encouraged defections from rival parties in both the States. CPM leaders and workers migrating to the saffron party is strange but real.  The BJP’s  chances of making it to the gaddi  in West Bengal appear to be better than what they are in Kerala, though there is a lot of change taking place in the politics of the southern state. The United Democratic Front (UDF) led by the Congress, which has been an alternative to the Left Democratic Front (LDF) which in power at the present, is also a force to reckon with. It cannot be sidelined by the exuberant BJP. If the saffron party improves its fighting abilities, it will be a triangle fight in Kerala. But in West Bengal it appears to be a straight fight.

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