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Satta Market favours Joe Biden in US, Tejaswi in Bihar

  • Biggest betting community in India favours Biden in US
  • Tough fight in Bihar, but JD(U)-BJP alliance will lose, market predicts

Hyderabad: Satta market is one which catches the pulse depending on the trending in betting in India. As per the trend going on now, it says, Joe Biden is in lead when compared to Trump and in Bihar edge is getting thinner day by day between NDA and RJD alliance.

Democratic Party will win the election with majority against Republicans says Satta, which declares winner just few days ahead of US Presidential Elections coinciding with pre poll surveys.

“US Election became more attractive than previous ones which had consumed 2000 crores on betting already and the reasons may be Trump’s popularity, image in India and media coverage, felt a trade analyst.

Biden-Trump gap narrowing

Another punter says that odds favour Biden for one lakh rupees  one will get Rs. 1.4 lakh whereas for Trump the ratio is 2 lakhs if they put one on him. We can analyse in this way according to market trend:  Biden’s winning rate is 40 paisa and for Trump’s one rupee. But on the final debate on Thursday, they have seen a little drop on this price range. All bids are from States like Gujarat, Maharashtra and Punjab. These States have  more migrants in the US. However, the punters believe there will be high spike in betting values as election date gets closer with clear picture.

According to Hill-Harris poll, the gap between Biden and Trump is getting closer with 46% and 42% with a narrow gap of 4%. All the voters who participated in the national poll survey are registered. Earlier the gap was more than 6% when the same agency conducted survey a few weeks back.

Tejaswi attracting youth

There is a surprise swing in Bihar elections in Satta market. Till a few days back there seemed to be an advantage for NDA but as campaign gained momentum things are shifting towards Mahagatbandhan  lowering NDA chances. Main reasons, according to the betting experts, are, anti incumbency factor against Nitish Kumar has been going up and Tejaswi yadav has been successful in attracting youth voters. “Right now there looks to be equal seats between RJD-led alliance  and the  NDA but things might change once Modi and Amit Shah’s rallies begin”, senior punter predicted. But they strongly believe JD (U) will end up badly with BJP emerging as single largest party.

Faludi town in Jodhpur district of Rajasthan is a place known for betting in political trends. According to these trends, NDA and the alliance led by RJD will get equal seats and congress seats may be around 25 to 30.


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