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Is All well in Andhra Pradesh?

The old age pensioners are getting paid at their house on the first day of the month. Fair provisions are available near the houses of beneficiaries. Caste certificates are obtained within 24 hours. Does it mean that all is well in AP? There were snags in the Jagan administration and they should be corrected. The experience of Garikapati Bhaskar, a farmer and YSRCP leader, exposed one such snag.

Garikepati Bhaskar, a farmer from Ambarupet in Nandigama mandal, is moving earth and heaven for updating information regarding  his paddy that was supplied to the rice mill in Nandigama with the prior permission of civil supplies. He did not get any message from the civil supplies department and the ambiguity whether his paddy was received or not is continuing.

In the words of Bhaskar, “I requested the civil supplies district manager Murthy to lift my paddy keeping the cyclone warning announcement in view. With this, the DM allowed me to supply the paddy through offline to the department. I supplied the paddy to the Nandigama rice mill on November 23.”

Later, the PACS officials asked him to supply paddy directly to the society offline without prior notice. They kept pending the paddy. Bhaskar has been trying to contact the PACS secretary on not receiving any message on the paddy receiving. He was told that because the server was down, the modification is not being done and the concerned staff not available in the civil supply office. 

After it, the farmer approached District Manager of civil supplies. Later, the official called the PACS secretary Ramohan and directed him to receive the paddy of the farmer. They spent fifteen days on whether it will be accounted for through Ithavaram PACS or Nandigama PACS. Later, they decided to take the product through Nandigama PACS, but delayed further due to lack of technical assistant there.

Technical assistant was appointed after some days and the product was received on December 17. There is no information officially either from the PACS or civil supplies department. It took 70 days to get a message regarding the paddy supplied by Bhaskar. “I was really upset with the state of affairs witnessing in my case. I am not even asking for amount for my paddy and I am seeking a receipt or message from the concerned agency to my product”, he said. This is truly bothersome for no fault of the farmer.


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