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Will Crop insurance pay electoral dividends to Jagan?

Not only the farmers who are supporters of the Telugu Desam Party but also the ruling party MLAs were surprised at the prompt depositing of amounts into their bank accounts under crop insurance scheme in case of damage of their crops due to natural calamities and pest attacks.

In Chandarlapadu mandal in Nandigama assembly constituency, four farmers, who took 100 acres of endowment land in Chandarlapadu, Muppalla and Bobbillapadu on lease basis and 30 acres of their own land , were paid Rs. 33 lakh under crop insurance scheme. The farmers including R Suresh, R Venu, P Bhaskara Rao and P Madhava Rao raised cotton in 2022 and the crop got damaged due to heavy rains. These farmers obtained Rs 33 lakh as compensation for crop loss last year.

YSRCP MLA for Nandigama segment Mondithoka Jaganmohan Rao while reading out the benefits obtained by the farmers during ‘Gadapa Gadapaki’ programme had a doubt on noticing such massive amounts into their bank accounts. He suspected the amount as wrong one and he called the volunteer to check the amount once. The volunteer replied to the MLA, ‘Yes sir, the amount is correct and they were paid for cotton crop damage under crop insurance scheme’. Wife of one of the farmers came forward and told the MLA that they got the amount for cotton crop loss. She said, “We would have faced trouble if we did not get the crop insurance. It is excellent programme of Jagan government”.

On the occasion, Yarlagadda Satyanarayana Prasad, a farmer and YSRCP leader in Chandarlapadu said, “Many of the farmers belonged to Telugu Desam obtained amounts for their crops loss. They lauded the scheme in our private conversations. As a farmer, I had only one experience of getting crop insurance for the last 40 years. About Rs 33 crore crop insurance amount was paid to the farmers in Chandarlapadu mandal in 2021-22”.

Tadipathri MLA K Pedda Reddy suspected something was brewing when a group of women farmers surrounded him in Peremcharla village in his cinstituency when he visited the village as part of ‘Gadapa Gadapaki’. The legislator asked the women, “What is your problem?” The women praised the MLA and the government on crop insurance scheme. They told the MLA, “We, the sympathisers of Telugu Desam Party, did not expect crop insurance amount to the soyabean crop loss. But, it happened”. The MLA was surprised at their positive  comment.


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