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Vishnu descended to see Three Aalwaars together

Tiruppavai- 10

In this tenth song Goda is awakening and inviting 5th Gopika to join this thirty-day Worship -Nomu)

Nottru suvargam pugugindra ammanay

Enjoying Paradise after devotional Nomu

Mattramum thaaroro? vassal thiravadhaar

Speak at least one word, Amma, open the door

Nattra thuzhay mudi Narayanan nammaal

Narayana’ crown is decorated with Tulasi strings

Pottra parai tharum punniyanaal pandorunaal

He inspires us to sing in his praise & grants Parai

Kootrathin vaay veezhnda kumbakarnanum

Had dying Kumbhakarna gifted sleep to you?

Thottram unakke perundhuyil than thandaano

Do not slip in post-sleep-effect, step out cautiously

Aattra anandhaludayaiy  ! arungalame

Slowly Get up from slumber, you are a jewel

Thettramaiy vandhu thiravelur empavai

Open the door and join us for our Nomu, dear.

[Transliteration followed by Translation from Tamil in bold & Italics]

The meaning of this tenth song is this. Oh dear girl, a jewel amongst the devotees, perhaps you are enjoying deep sleep, right, if not opening the door, at least respond. Naaraayana, has Tulasi strings on His crown. He inspires us to sing Pallaandu (Mangalasanam) and grants Parai, a music instrument, and higher lokas. He is embodiment of righteousness.  Whether Kumbhakarna when he walked into death at the hands of Lord Rama, handed over his sleep to you? Please shed your sleepy mood, do not trip from steps, be cautious, wake up and slowly come over here open the door to meet us. Let us join the Nomu.

Krishna initially promised that when Gopikas reach Him, he would gift divine Parai instrument of music. The inner meaning is that He promised to liberate the souls from the vicious cycle of birth and death to rebirth. On tenth day, Goda has approached a Gopika who is ardent devotee of Krishna. In fact, she was not sleeping. She is always immersed in thoughts and meditating the good deeds of Naaraayana. In such deep meditation, she may not listen to any or speak back. It looks like as if she is deaf and dumb. Goda knew this. That is why she asks her “I know you are enjoying the Sri Krishna Aubhavam. As Seetha told Rama while He decided to go Exile that She would join Him. Rama hesitates. Then she says, Its heaven for me to be with you, and without you- the hell. Gopika is also in a similar state of meditation. For them Vratam is no issue.They are confident that Krishna will take care of everything and hence they were not worried. Bhagavan is embodiment of happiness. Bhagavan has come in the form of Krishna. If you can go near him and falls in his good sight, there is no need for any other route. This is the prime message of this Pashuram, knowing Lord Krishna.

The conversation between Goda and fifth Gopika goes on like this:

Goda:  You are a jewel, please come and lead us. Kindly answer us. As you love Krishna most, we can gain easy entry if you are with us. But you are silent.

Gopika is silent as she pleasantly surprised for being addressed as leader. Another side of silence is she is in deep meditation of Krishna and thus could not hear the calls.

Goda: You have closed doors and stopped talking? You ae alone enjoying Krishna’s association. You surrendered everything to Him. Please think about us also. Tell some thing at least in anger.

Gopika: You say that I have given everything to Krishna. Do you think Krishna is with me inside this residence?

Goda: If Krishna is inside with you, you cannot hide Him. You may hide yourself. The fragrance of Tulasi strings decorating His Crown reveals Him. Krishna loves Tulasi, who is wife of Vishnu. Wherever there are Tulasi gardens, you will find Krishna there. Wherever He is, there will be fragrance of Tulasi.

Gopika: When He embraced me long back the Tulasi fragrance has been spread on my body. Perhaps you are getting that odour now. When you are around our house, how could He cross you and enter my house? Krishna is not here.

Goda: Can doors stop Him. He is spread every inch of the universe. And He can appear anywhere. He showers kindness to all. Please share the joy of Krishna with us also.  He gives Punya also to all. ..Once Kumbhakarna  walked into the death by attacking Him in war. When Rama protects everyone, why should He kill Kumbakarna. Did Kumbhakarna gift his sleep to you before his death.

Kumba Karna is also the name of Agasthya Maha Muni. Agasthya is born from earthpot. While going to attend the marriage of Parvathi and Shiva, and climbing Himalaya, the legend says that Himalaya has bent towards Agasthya. On another occasion Meru and Vindhya hills were competing and outgrowing each other. To stop the growth of Vindhya, Indra and other Devathas prayed Agashya. When Agasthya went near him, Vindhya bent like shishya. Agasthya blessed him to stay like that. Agam means Hill. Stha means stalling. Agasthya is the author of Dravida Vyakarana  Rules. He killed Vaataapi demon by digesting him in his stomach. Goda asks even Agasthya is defeated with you.

Three Aalwaars

Goda refers to three Aalwaars. 1. Poyigai Aalwaar (Saro yogi), 2. Poodattalwaar (Bhoodayogi) 3. Peyaalwaar (Mahayogi) are early yogis of Vaishnavism in Dwaapara Yuga. Peyaalwaar is born in Munikairavam well in a red lotus flower, near Mylapur of Chennai. He is mad of Bhagavan and appears like a maverick, like deaf, dumb or blind etc. He used to spend all his time in singing in praise of God. Once Parvati and Parameshwara wanted to test his devotion. They appeared before him and granted a boon, just to know what he demands. Interestingly, he asked “Please insert thread into the needle’s hole. I am not able to do this. I need to stitch this Bontha, (bedsheet). People used to call him mad (pey) person. He does not have any needs at all. Except Bhagawan, he does not ask for anything. Vishnu was also watching Pey Aalwaar. Pleased with simplicity, Vishnu appeared before him. Peya sang in praise of Sri Trivikraman in Tirukkovalur. Peyaalwaar was residing in a small room in village of Tirukkovlaur. The space is so small that just one person could sleep. As it was heavily raining Bhootha Yogi wanted get into this small room. Peya got up and said, no problem come in, this place can accommodate one to sleep but two can sit comfortably. Later, third Aalwaar -Maaya Yogi (Bhoothaalwaar) also arrived there to escape rain. Peya said, “no problem, here three can comfortably stand”.  As three Aalwaars joined together Lord Naaraayana Himself wanted to see three of them to touch them and entered in the form of light.  They recognized the ‘light’ as Naaraayana and sang Mangalaasaasanam. Goda refers to this light in this song.

Gopika inside is not having Taamasa nidra. It was yoga nidra. In this 10th song Sri Parankusha Daasaayana Maha was the mantra Goda incorporated.

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Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Prof. M. Sridhar Acharyulu
Author is Dean, Professor of law at Mahindra University at Hyderabad and former Central Information Commissioner. He published a number books in English and Telugu.



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