Saturday, March 2, 2024

Fog in Hyderabad, police warn motorists to be cautious

  • Mercury levels dip in Hyderabad
  • Avoid travelling in early hours
  • Travel in sunlight to avoid accidents
  • Police urge caution to motorists

Hyderabad: Temperatures in and around Hyderabad recorded lower than expected for the past few days. Foggy weather is led to road accidents killing many people last week. Police came up with a caution note, particularly for motorists. They are advised to travel in sunlight rather than in early hours of the day as the visibility will be low and poor.

Police notice which was issued on Sunday further states that low beam lights should be used as fog droplets will reflect light of high beam causing severe effect on vehicles coming from opposite direction.

Speed should be low maintaining appropriate distance between the vehicles so that emergency brake will not cause damage. ” Don’t forget to check view in the rear mirror before applying brake.

If you want to park the car in emergency stopping, do it on safe side without causing any obstruction to other vehicles. Don’t do mobile driving and keep low voice of music inside so that you can hear the horn of vehicles spassing by. If the fog is bad, better to stop for a while until visibility gets clear,” said the police in their note. Hope the motorists will follow these guidelines.


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