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FIR against Kangana Ranaut

  • Tried to Create Communal Tensions through social media and comments in electronic media
  • Maligned Bollywood Industry with comment such as a hub of nepotism
  • Compared Mumbai with Pakistan Occupied Kashmir

Mumbai: Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut is seen on cards from past few days, with tweets in social media and interviews in electronic media, after the death of Sushanth Rajput which became hot topic in Bollywood and Maharashtra political circles.

FIR was filed against her on Friday for her tweets in social media with allegations that she tried to create division between Hindus and Muslims which may lead to communal violence. FIR says kangana’s sister Rangoli chander seen battling against Mumbai civic authorities who tried to demolish her house with was claimed an illegal construction.

Tweets and Comments

Kangana came up with a tweet by comparing farmers with terrorists when they are protesting against new Farmer’s bill introduced in Parliament. This tweet was against protestors in Karnataka and she further said that agitators who lead communal violence are protesting  in the name of farmers. An FIR was booked against her in Karnataka on Sep 21st for her deplorable comments on farmers.

Critics against Bollywood, Police

After the death of Bollywood’s promising hero Sushanth Singh Rajput on June 14th, Kangana had focused  attention of public on social media by tweets against Bollywood with harsh words such as ‘nepotism and drugs’. At the same time she came up against Shiva Sena government and Mumbai police for the way interrogation took place in Sushanth’s death case. Her main allegation was, drug scandal,  which is the main cause for actor’s death and case is suppressed by Mumbai police with the help of Shiv Sena government, she had further gone on comparing  Mumbai as POK.

A complaint was filed by casting director Syyed who felt that a divide was being created in Industry with her tweets on persons belonging to different religions. He requested the Court to find out the persons behind her who are trying to create communal tensions in state.

The magistrate felt that a thorough investigation is necessary by experts. Kangana who is enjoying ‘Y’ plus security from the Union government is now in a cluster surrounded by Civic authorities, politicians and Bollywood. She has her hands full with work.


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