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Does Tollywood have links with Mumbai drugs case?

  • Few Tollywood stars names come out in investigation by Times Now
  • Another peddler Shrayas Nair arrested by NCB, he has links with Aryan Khan
  • Aryan Khan Lawyer says no drug was recovered from his client
  • NCB says shocking incriminating material found from Aryan
  • Mumbai cruise drug rocket takes turns and twists

Mumbai: The cruise rave party is leading to turns and twiests with links coming out from Delhi, Mumbai, and Andhra Pradesh and even in Tollywood as per ground reports. On Monday, Esplanade Court extended remand of NCB custody for Aryan and two other accused up to October 7th.  Aryan’s advocate Satish Manishinde denied that his client had consumed any drug at the time of raid and no material was found in his pockets. But NCB sources version during the hearing was “shocking incriminating material has been found from his mobile phone which was seized and all these are pointing towards international drug trafficking”.

Aryan consuming drugs for the past 4 years

Bollywood super star Shah Rukh Khan called his son Aryan during NCB custody and had two minutes chat with him. Aryan could not stop crying when he spoke with his father and when NCB officials asked questions about the drug rocket. NCB allowed Shar Rukh Khan to make a call to his son as a part of legal process. NCB sources confirmed that Aryan has been taking drugs for the past four years which was revealed by Aryan during their custody. But this was not officially stated in the statement released to media.

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Cases filed on Aryan were based on Section 27 which states that punishment for consumption of any narcotic drug or psychotropic substance, Section 8C which reads that production, manufacture, possession, selling or purchasing of drugs and other relevant provisions of Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act (NDPS).

NCB arrests peddler Sheryas Nair

NCB arrested drug peddler Shreyas Nair in connection with the case. He is a close associate to Aryan Khan. As per NCB sources, Nair supplied narcotic substances to 25 people on the cruise. He used to supply Mephedrone, MDMA pills and other banned drugs by orders from Darknet and payment through crypto currency and bit coins.

Has Tollywood got drug links with Bollywood?

When an electronic media ( Times Now) exclusively spoke with traveller in the cruise, he revealed that a few Tollywood stars booked tickets and enjoyed the cruise. According to him music director Devisri Prasad, actor Navdeep had taken part in the cruise parties. He was about to leak a few more names when he was interrupted by his colleague. One has to see how NCB reacts to the two minutes clip released by Times Now. Tollywood drug case which shocked Telugu States has been almost closed after the court gave clean chit with ACB report that no clues were found that Tollywood stars consume drugs. This case took political turns in Telangana with Congress claiming minister KTR is the man behind the screen who helped Tollywood stars to come out unscathed. Will the Tollywood case be reopened with Mumbai Drugs Rocket case and with the names revealed by cruise traveller?

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