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Dharani issues should be resolved in week: KCR

  • Make portal more flexible and user friendly
  • Dharani is 100 percent success, says CM

Hyderabad: Telangana Chief Minister, K.Chandrasekhar Rao (KCR) felt that Dharani portal is 100% success and it should be more flexible and user-friendly in coming days. Addressing District Collectors at Pragati Bhavan on Monday, KCR said that State Government after several attempts came up with Dharani portal to keep an end to frequent litigations arising due to improper records of land. Now there is some clarity on ownership rights after new Revenue Act reforms came into use, the CM said.

The chief minister instructed officials to resolve within a week all the problems which are related to Revenue department. If any further additions or deletions required for Dharani portal for safer use, he asked the officials to do it immediately. Applications can be taken for pending mutations and create facility in portal to register GPA, SPA and AGPA through portal, Chandrasekhar Rao said.

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For NRIs who are not having Adhaar, passport number can be considered and for companies and societies, few changes should be made to enable them for registration and to get passbooks, KCR said. Lands which are acquired by State Government from farmers should be mentioned under ‘Prohibited Lands’ list. And these should be updated as per the court verdicts, if any. District collectors should solve the legal disputes, if any,  under Part B and examine applications for Regularisation of Sada Bainamas and try to solve them,  he said.

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