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Dalit woman denied due respect even after death!

Is Khammam competing with barbarian times?

A Dalit woman’s body was burnt in violation of their tradition

Why IPS and IAS officers of Khammam belonging to Dalit community maintained silent?

Why police did over action in the incident by saying pressure from higher-ups?

Who was in the higher circle?

Is KCR’s visit on the day the reason behind it?

The last rites of Nagarani whose father’s surname Arempula and husband surname Mahankali, a woman from Madiga community, were performed amidst inhuman and barbarian acts. It is against her community traditions. In general, it is not big news to anyone. One can know the entire details of the incident and it could be like reading a Sherlock Holmes detective novel.

Nagarani, working as sanitary worker in Khammam Municipal Corporation, commited suicide three days back for allegedly using a filthy language against her by Assistant Municipal Commissioner over giving job to the outsourcing worker even after taking the bribe by a sanitary jawan. She tried to end her life on the same day but in vain due to the timely rescue by co-workers. The statement of her was taken by a magistrate in Khammam and she was shifted to Hyderabad for better treatment. She died on March 22 and a barbarian drama was unleashed after her death.

Arrangements were made to shift the Dalit woman’s body to Khammam through an ambulance. But, there were twists and turns like a suspense thriller film. A posse of police in civil and khaki dress stopped the vehicle immediately after crossing Suryapet. They dragged out Arempula Janakiramudu, brother of the deceased sitting adjacent to driver and cop sat in his place to control the driver in speed and directing the movement of the vehicle.

Janakiramudu told the Prime Post, “I was forced to sit in another vehicle and I was also abused and bashed when he asked questions to the police like what is going on sir, why I was dragged and why I was pushed into another vehicle?“ There were no answers, only kicks by the police”. The ambulance reached the Vaikuntadhamam in Khammam at 10.30 pm on March 22. It could be a coincidence that Chief Minister KCR’s scheduled visit in Khammam is on March 23rd morning. There were 100 cops in the Vaikuntadhamam on police side and Nagarani’s dead body was accompanied by  only her brother Janakiramudu.  

The deceased’s brother Janakiramudu tried to convince the police to take the body to her house by saying that relatives are awaiting for it. But, he faced batters from cops. He managed to inform the situation to his relatives. Some of them rushed to Vaikuntadhamam and started demanding  to shift the body to her house. They were kicked by the police and their cell phones were seized and broken.

Congress workers led by Town Congress president Javed Mahammad arrived and the police were irked by the presence of a political party leader. The leader and her relatives demanded the police ACP P V Ganesh to shift the body to her house and the police said ‘big no’. The workers staged ‘rasta roko’ for their demand. With this, the police had given a little relief to the agitators by allowing the body to place in her house for one hour. After one hour, the body was shifted to Vaikuntadhamam and the police themselves arranged logs for Nagarani’s pyre. The relatives demanded to bury her body as per their traditions, but in vain in the face of  the police high-handedness. The poor Dalit woman’s last rites were held sans respect at 3.30 am, seven hours before CM KCR’s visit. It is a shame to the people of Khammam on not giving a respect to the women during last writes.

Tailpiece: The commissioner of Khammam Municipal Corporation on the order of collector Gautham questioned for not supplying food to the volunteers and workers during Ganesh Nimajjanam and the concerned assistant engineer was suspended for negligence. There is no enquiry, investigation and even show-cause notice to the concerned Assistant Municipal Commissioner for her role in the suicide by a Dalit woman.

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