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Bihar Election Results: NDA Ahead of MGB

  • Majority Exit Polls predicted Tejaswi will sweep.
  • Fate of Nitish will be known in few hours
  • NDA takes marginal lead crossing half mark

Bihar: Election results are surprising analysts as counting for 243 constituencies are going on in Bihar. Majority exit polls survey expected Tejaswi will sweep the state, but results looks to be differ. Party of coalition should get 123 seats of total 243, and the live update shows NDA with 130 seats in lead and still counting of rounds to go in major constituencies which may take few hours more to know whether Nitish will ride for 4th term or young Tejaswi will get a chance.

Early trends showed that NDA was trailing but the trend got reversed half way through. Nitish kumar-led NDA is heading towards half way mark of 123. Counting has begun at 8 am in 38 districts of Bihar with 55 counting entres.LJP is doing extremely well than expected with a lead in 8 seats. Mayawathi’s BSP is in lead for 2 seats.

The trends is like sea-saw since morning, shifting for both alliances as counting progress. We have to see how LJP and BSP react if there is a chance of hung assembly at the end. The smaller parties play a crucial role in. the formation of Government in Bihar.

Anti-incumbency against Nitish is seen even in trends too, but the exit polls failed in Bihar for last two elections.

K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
Founder & Editor


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