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In Annamalai, TN BJP struck Gold, say political experts

  • Annamalai Kuppusamy, TN BJP President, pinning hopes for the party
  • Saffron infusing young blood into party in State
  • BJP blossoming in every nook and corner of the State, says Annamalai
  • OBC leader successfully tearing votes of DMK and AIDMK

Chennai: K. Annamalai turns 38, and here are few glimpses about TN BJP position. When many senior leaders in Tami Nadu are kept aside by the party high command appointing a young leader, Annamalai, as State BJP President, it surprised everyone, but it appears to be working fine for saffron in TN. Opting for a young leader is helping the party to infuse young blood into the party.

Who is Annamalai?

Born in a farmer’s family in Karur in 1984, Annamalai joined government service  as an IPS officer in 2011 and served in various places, particularly in Karnataka for more than 8 years. Known to be incorruptible, he is famed to be a  motivational speaker who can speak Kannada, English, Hindi and Tamil, Annamalai, quit the government service  in 2019 and joined the BJP in 2020. Hailed as “Singham” for his straight forward functioning, he was made as TN BJP State president in 2021.

Achievements as TN BJP President

He was defeated in assembly elections by a margin of 25k votes by arch rival DMK, but he did not look back nor did he get upset with the result. He totally focused on the party work to make lotus bloom in every corner of the state which fetched positive results for the party in recent urban and civic polls. For the first time in history, BJP was successful in increasing its vote share from 2.1 to 5.6%. A notable gain by the party at present, but it is a long way to go, say political experts, but confirm that party is in now third position, crossing Congress, with AIADMK and DMK in the first two places. The achievement as per Annamalai is due to PM Modi’s development agenda and policies, Jan Dhan yojana, Beti-Bachao-Beti Padhao, Kisan Samman Nidhi or free ration during pandemic time.

What is making Annamali so special for BJP?

The weakening of AIDMK is giving chance and space to BJP in TN which is perfectly used by Annamalai. He is successful in pitting the  party as the main rival to DMK by strengthening the party at grass root level. As a OBC, he made confident statement that Tamil Nadu will deliver first Dalit CM, if it comes to power. At the same time, he is balancing Hindutva card by establishing rights for Hindu Mutts, saving Temple’s rights, rallies against conversions, which was not seen before.

Modi’s inspiration

BJP cadres in TN say that he is very much inspired by the working style of Modi. For example, everyday 24/7, he is busy with restless speeches, aggressive attacks on ruling party for every mistake, addressing media, press interactions, all are making Annamalai a special. In TN, there is a habit that if they worship a mass hero, voters will be loyal till the end. We have seen the same in the past for late Jayalalitha and Karunanidhi. Even for Rajinikanth also, the fans still worship him as GOD even if he is not in the politics. There is clear cut visibility in TN that Annamalai is successful in pulling both AIDMK and DMK cadre towards the BJP. But it’s a long way to go and we have to see how successful he will be by in next 2026 elections.



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