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Amaravati Land scam: Naidu served CID notices

  • Insider trading for 500 acres assigned lands done, says CID
  • Should appear before CID on March 23, notice says
  • Political vendetta with false allegations, TDP cries foul

Amravati: Exactly a day after YCP scored a thumbing victory in municipalities  and municipal corporation elections, TDP supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu faced another shock in the name of CID notice with allegations of insider trading in Amravati. AP CID officials visited former Chief Minister Naidu’s residence in Hyderabad on Tuesday morning and served him notice under Section 41 of CRPC.

They also booked cases under sections 120B, 166,167, and 217. SC, ST atrocities case also has been filed as per CID officials. Said to be one of the important developments in Amaravati land scam, CID officials also issued notice to former Municipal Administration and Urban Development Minister Narayana under section 41 of CRPC. The CID officials say it is in connection with the investigation into alleged insider trading in Amaravati, but TDP leaders condemned the issue nad said it is apolitical vendetta by ruling party, YCP.

Lokesh exposed in sub-committee report

Cabinet Sub Committee which was formed to find out the irregularities in Amaravati land deals revealed that Nara Lokesh purchased land of 62.77 acres in the name of his close aide Ravi Kumar’s family. Lingamaneni Ramesh had bought lands in the name of his wife and his relatives. Committee report also said that former minister Narayana bought 55.27 acres in the name of his close associates A. Munisekhar, R.Sambasiva Rao and Potturi Pramila. Former Minister Pattipati Pulla Rao bought 38.84 acres in the name of his benami, P.Suresh , report revealed. In the name of Mytri Infra, former minister Ravela Kishore Babu has bought 40 acres, report said. These findings were  submitted in detail with names, records and evidences by the sub-committee.

The sub-committee has listed the following persons alleged to have  involved in insider trading:

1)        N. Chandrababu naidu, Former CM

2)        Vemuri who is close to Nara Lokesh, former minister.

3)        Paritala Sunita, former minister

4)        J.V.Anjaneyalu, former TDP MLA

5)        Lingamaneni Ramesh, owner of Chandrababu’s Guest House in which he lived during his term as chief minister.

6)        Payyavula Keshav, TDP MLA

7)        Lanka Dinakar

8)        Kambhamampati Ram Mohan Rao

9)        Putta Mahesh Yadav

Sub-committee report

Report submitted by the sub-committee revealed that it found solid evidence of insider trading related to Amaravati land deal. White ration card holders were used as beneficiaries  and the beneficiaries  alleged that the capital was set up to benefit the lands of the leaders. All the land transactions were made from June 1st to December 31st, 2014. The area involved was around 4070 acres, committee said.

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Balakrishna benefitted

Committee said that Chandrababu Naidu changed boundaries of CRDA to benefit his brother-in-law Balakrishna. VBC Chemicals, a company owned by  Vijaykumar who is related to Balakrishna, was allotted 498 acres  at Jayanthipuram in Jaggayapeta mandal. After this transaction was completed, the then CM Chandrabbau Naidu had got a GO issued changing the scope and boundaries of CRDA bringing this zone into capital region, the sub-committee further revealed in its report.

Naidu’s blunder, assigned lands bought violating rules

Sale of assigned lands in Amaravati has become a big problem for Naidu. The allegations by ruling party, YCP, are that Naidu bought 500 acres of assigned land and sold against the rules. The  GO  issued by the then government headed by  Chandrababu Naidu  was intended to benefit the purchasers of land, felt the sub-committee. CID officials say that the GO in connection with the sale of assigned lands  was given without the approval of the Cabinet. This issue is certain to make Naidu land in trouble in coming days.

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