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Administration of Teaching

Here are four important questions answers of which help in assessing the performance of a teacher and how the students respond to the teacher in classroom.

I. What functions in your team would help you achieve the goal of your mission?

To achieve goals the team members should be people with good character. A person with good character becomes a model to his students and in turn to the society. Sincere, intelligent, efficient, patient, disciplined, confident teachers with good communication and inter-personal skills can deliver and make the students successful.

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1.       Selecting the qualified teachers who understand the objectives of education as well as Vertical and Horizontal Integration of the syllabus.

2.       Delivery of lessons by sincere and efficient teachers.

3.       Apart from academics, physical education, moral strengthening and development of aesthetic sense should be taken up as these help a student directly or indirectly in achieving his goals and also become a better human being.

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4.       Making the teacher cater to the needs of the backward, the mediocre and the bright students simultaneously by extending his helping hand to every student in the class.

5.       Effective supervision by one person, the Head of the institution to whom all the employees in the institution report. He may be assisted by one administrative officer and one academic coordinator who do not have any direct control over the teachers.

6.       Maintaining classes in a disciplined way.

7.       Periodic testing of students’ learning

8.       Remedial classes for the needy as and when required.

9.       Focus should be on practical application of the subject and not on memorizing.

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10.    Using all the available resources in the institution and providing necessary infrastructure.

11.    Leaving every student to have his own free time to think and do things of his choice as it relaxes him and also refreshes him for better study.

12.    Not assigning any work except teaching and testing to teachers. Admin staff may be used for all other work.

II. What kind of outcomes would you track? What methods would you deploy and how often would you track?

1.       Every teacher should prepare his / her Annual Plan keeping in mind the syllabus and the available time and the implementation of it is to be checked at random by the Academic Coordinator from the class record with the students. Repeated filling of various forms by teachers may be avoided.

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2.       The Head of the Institution should often go for rounds and also sit in each class at random for a few minutes and assess the performance of the teacher and the way students respond in the class. He will record his observations and computerize them. If any instruction is to be given, he may do so in the chamber of the Head of the Institution in a one to one meeting.

3.       A few tests like FA and SA may be conducted to assess the achievements of students. Marks are to be computerized and each student’s performance over the year in different subjects must be on screen when needed. Teachers may be given freedom if they want to conduct more tests.

4.       Periodic meetings with staff to know their functioning, their problems and addressing them are also necessary.

III. What are the 5 critical things a teacher must deliver in a classroom?

1.       Motivate the students by talking about the importance of the topic of study.

2.       Students should be made to read the topic by themselves and understand it.

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3.       The teacher clarifies doubts of the students and supplements points overlooked by the students.

4.       Give live examples and illustrations to drive home the theme and the main points.

5.       Design and conduct diagnostic and terminal tests to assess both global and local comprehension of the students.

IV. What are key concerns that you would check for, on a day to day basis to ensure goals are met?

1.       Attendance of students need to be tracked on daily basis and displayed on the notice board once a month. Parents may be contacted and informed about the absence once a week.

2.       Visiting activity teachers, too, will be helpful to students.

3.       Hostels and the dining hall too are to be checked at random.

4.       Students’ indiscipline, if any.

5.       The work adjustments done each day.

6.       Whether all the planned things are running according to time schedule within the budget allotted.

7.       Attending correspondence and responding them in the order of priority.

8.       Checking the work allotted to various people.

9.       Foresee the future and plan the things to be done.

10.    Checking the cash transactions of the day.

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Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur
Rajendra Singh Baisthakur had been a Lecturer in English. He is a poet, critic and translator. His interests are Literature, Philosophy and social media.


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