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US Elections: Indian Americans for Joe Biden

  • Kamala Harris a source of mobilisation
  • Indian Americans concerned with healthcare, law & Order
  • Indo-US relations are far from their thoughts

Kamala Harris’s Mobilisation, Motivation made Indian Community to prefer Biden.  Indians, now Second Largest Immigrants in the US, may show impact on election results. Recent Indian American Attitudes Survey (IAAS) reveals the same

2020 US Presidential Elections became significant for Indian Americans after galvanised visits exchanged by Trump and Modi with a huge coverage. US President and Republicans felt that this will boost Indian voters in US which proved to be wrong in a recent online survey by IAAS. According to the online survey, majority Indian American voters tilted towards Healthcare and economy in US rather than India-US relationship or ties.

70 % women to vote for Biden

Registered Indian American voters felt that Democrats can tackle the economy and healthcare issues better than Republicans. 70% of the women voters preferred Biden which is higher percentage when compared to men.

Kamala Harris’s pick had polarised voters towards Democrats

 Pick of Kamala Harris, for Vice Presidential candidacy, made Indian American voters move towards Democrats rather than Republicans. She created enthusiasm in voters and received overwhelming response from the first debate at California and second at Miami. Her mother is a cancer researcher from India and father, an economist from Jamaica involved in civil rights movement after their graduation in Berkeley in 1960.

Unprecedented Elections

US Presidential Elections, polling for which will take place on Nov 3rd, appears to be unprecedented when compared to previous ones. Elections are taking place during Covid-19 pandemic, economy crisis, law and order problems with racism raising its ugly head. Indian voters with less than 1%, became significant with both parties courting them which was not the case earlier. Trump was seen campaigning with images of Modi with him, while Biden came forward with a special manifesto to Indian community. It proves the importance of Indian Voters in this coming election. Sample of IAAS online survey was very small with less than1000 voters participated but results represented the present situation. Survey predicted that 72% voters support Biden with 22% to Trump Trump’s recent change in policies against Immigrants, criticising Indian government against Corona statistics, became negative aspects for him in Indian American voters who supported Democrats in previous elections too but Republic party won at the end.



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