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Who is pushing NTR into politics?

Rallies across Andhra by NTR fans inviting him into politics

  • NTR condemned many times, but fans continue
  • Any political gamble behind the show?
  • If so, who will gain from it?

Amravati: It is well known that NTR (Jr.) enjoys much craze and hype in Telugu states, particularly in Andhra Pradesh. For the  past few days, AP has been witnessing new trend about this Tollywood star with rallies going on across state, inviting him to re-enter politics to make TDP alive. The most  interesting fact is these rallies every time  start from Kuppam, which is the  home ground for ex-CM and TDP’s supremo Chandrababu Naidu.  TDP strongly feels that there is a political agenda behind this which is being implemented at the behest of the  ruling YSRCP.

NTR  denied many a time the rumours which say  that he is floating a new party or will take over TDP’s reins from Naidu. He also said that he was busy in film shoots and both his babiaah (Balakrishna) and Naidu are capable of looking after party’s future.

NTR fans’ hungama in Kuppam on Sunday

In Kuppam, on Sunday (Nov 28th), NTR fans on a large scale gathered at SRM theatre wearing a special show on the movie “Jai Lavakusha”, rising slogans, CM NTR. This once again became hot discussion in political circles and in Tollywood about the commotion caused by fans. Thousands in number, flocking at the event, with Jai NTR flags, laid a wreath at senior NTR statue in the town.

This is not the first time that NTR’s fans made such hungama in Kuppam. Whenever Chandrababu Naidu visited constituency, same scene repeated which became a point of debate in TDP circles. They say that the ruling party is behind the show in order to defame Naidu and split the party in coming days.

NTR silent

As usual, NTR did not utter word on the latest demonstration put up by his fans at Kuppam. Few days back, same scenes were repeated in Gudivada, Rajamundry, Ananthpur and in Vizag. At that time, NTR clearly gave message that he is not interested in politics and will continue to act  at least for another 20 years. NTR’s nephew is close to YCP and his family is staying away from politics after Harikrishna’s demise. Tarakram has soft corner for Balakrishna and he never exceeds  his limits, felt NTR fans. “There is clear conspiracy going on against our hero, who will die for party , but never try to take over reins of the party, which was established by a great legend, NTR(senior),” said NTR fans hailing from Kadapa district.

There are coverts in the party, Naidu’s sensational comments

 Naidu ended his meeting with Kuppam constituency leaders and activists. He conducted a review on the results of Kuppam municipal elections and the party’s position in the constituency. He made sensational comments in Kuppam review. Naidu said that coverts have been infiltrated into the party at the state level. He said that the party will start purging and the coverts in the party would be ejected.

Naidu said that it is not to impress him but to recognize those who have worked among the people. He said the defeat was due to the overconfidence of the local leaders. Meanwhile, Kuppam town leaders explained the reasons for the defeat in the municipal elections. The ruling party told the chief minister about the anarchy as well as the faults in his own party. Naidu said Kuppam would implement the advice of the activists to make changes in the local leadership. Topic of NTR was sidelined smoothly by Naidu when the cadre tried to raise the bogey during review, as per sources.


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