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What Guru Golwalkar had to say about Gandhiji?

Guru Golwalkar participated in Gandhi ‘s centenary fuction in Sangli. Chairing the meeting was noted Congress leader Dhondiram Nana Patil. Guru Golwalkar and Nana Patel garlanded Mahatma Gandhi’s picture. Guruji said the following about Gandhiji:

“We have come together for an important and sacred occasion. Mahatma Gandhi’s birth took place like any normal person’s, but with his duty-bound action and love in his soul, he reached the pinnacle as a person of highest order. We should follow his life to the best of our abilities.

We have an old tradition of reciting ‘praatah smaran.’ We remember sacred deeds and great people of our nation in this praatah smaran. For centuries, addition of new names in ‘praatah smaran’ had stopped. Sangh has restarted it again and created Bharat Bhaktistotra by including names of great people to date. Mahatma Gandhi’s name is clearly mentioned in the list of revered people.

“Gandhiji used to say, “I am a die-hard Hindu, therefore, I  love not only human beings, but all living beings.” The prominent place that ruth and non-violence got in his life and politics on the principle of ‘no hinsyat sarvabhootani’ was only because of his hardcore Hindutva.

“Gandhi ji had highest respect for Ramakrishna Paramhamsa. While writing preface to his biography, he wrote,”This character is a living image of truth.’ Shri Ramakrishna  Paramhamsa had loved the entire living universe as a die-hard  Hindu. I believe an individual, who has ur feelings of Hindutva, one who cannot tolerate any impurity in it, only that  person can have this kind of love; it is not possible for any other individual.

“Swamy Vivekananda has said, “Like we say, Matru devo bhav(Mother is equivalent to God). Pitru devo bhav (Father is equivalent to God), Athithi devo bhav (Guest is equivalent to God), we should also say ‘Agyani devob hav (Illiterate is equivalent to God) to banish ignorance of poor people. We should open doors to treasure of knowledge for all. “Swamiji ‘s directions and Mahatma Gandhi’s practical behavior…both are but same.

“He has expressed his views about the future of Hindu Dharma, about which we speak so much, in his book Future of Hinduism. In that book he says, ‘Hindu dharma means that which is unstoppable, that moves ahead with conviction, a path of search of truth.’ Today we feell that the dharma seems to be a bit tired, not one that can help inspire people to move forward.” (Taken from Hindavah Sodarah Sarve, page 301)

However, noted historian Ramachandra Guha in his article published by The Wire on 19 May 2019, had a lot of things to say about the dislike RSS leaders had for Gandhi. Guha questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s praise for Gandhiji basing what RSS leaders and BJP minister had commented about Gandhi. The historian said the Sangh Parivar had a deeply ambivalent attitude towards the life and legacy of Mahatma Gandhi. No harm in knowing what the stalwart of the RSS, Guru Golwalkar, said about Gandhi at a public meeting.


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