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Balakrishna says he will change TDP fate soon

  • No need to take permission from anyone to lead party
  • Predicted long ago that Indian will become US President
  • If Biden dies, Kamala Harris will become President
  • There will be third wave of Covid
  • MLA Balakrishna during interaction with US fans

Hyderabad: Hindupur TDP MLA and Tollywood hero Nandamuri Balakrishna said that he is going to change the fate of the TDP very soon. During interaction with his fans from US, Balakrishna came out openly about the future of TDP and the changes to be made in party for its survival in Telugu states. He spoke to his fans from America through video conference and said that he predicted ten years ago that an Indian will become President of America. When a fan said that Harris is Vice President, then Balakrishna replied if anything happens to Joe Biden, present President of the US, then Kamala Harris will become next President.

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Initially in TDP youth were given preference, now the situation is different, I explained about current scenario of party to senior leaders and discussed about future also. I would lead the party soon and for this there is no need to take permission from anyone, Balakrishna said. Recently, Balakrishna celebrated his 61st birthday and from then he became active on social media too. He said that there is no need for anyone’s approval to lead and will straight away swing into action.

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Like people in America, Indians are also leading mechanical lives, everything changed in India, and Balakrishna further added and also predicted that there will be third wave of Covid in the country. Kamala Harris becoming Vice President of America is a pride for Indian, Balakrishna said.

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After chants and slogans started started  in Andhra Pradesh asking the TDP leadership to rope in NTR junior into party, Balakrishna changed his style, say political sources. Nara Lokesh is attacking aggressively the ruling party in fiery style, which is also unprecedented. Both Balakrishna and Lokesh are thinking of sharing the platform and then fill the party with young blood. The party needs fresh and young blood for its survival, but are youth ready to move towards the TDP is the question mark.

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