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Vision screening campaign to benefit 1,400 Delhi NCR commercial vehicle drivers

India Vision Institute (IVI), Hoya Lens India, Indian Optometric Association (IOA), and All India Optical Federation (AIOF) today launched a campaign that will benefit some 1,400 commercial vehicle drivers and allied transport workers in the Delhi NCR region.

The campaign was launched in Gurugram at the Haryana Roadways’ Bus Workshop, with the vision screening of 85 drivers and distribution of 35 free glasses to those found to have uncorrected refractive errors. The spectacles were distributed by Sanjay Tiwari, Managing Director, Hoya South Asia, Vinod Daniel, IVI’s CEO, Subodh Dixit, President, IOA, and Rajeev Prasad, Secretary, IOA.  

As part of the program across Delhi’s NCR, some 1,400 commercial vehicle drivers will be vision screened and those found to have refractive errors given free corrective glasses. Those with other ocular conditions will be referred to hospital for further treatment.

Vinod Daniel said, “IVI has vision and road safety as a priority. Vision plays an important role in driving safely and in the prevention of road traffic accidents. A pair of corrective glasses to drivers found to have Uncorrected Refractive Errors will go a long way in drivers having better vision. Over 55% drivers need spectacles and around 90% of drivers screened are first-time spectacle users.”

“I am happy that Hoya Lens India, along with IOA and AIOF, have come forward to associate with IVI again in a vision screening program,” he noted.

Ramachandran P, eyewear consultant and Chair, IVI’s Hon Advisory Committee, said, “It is a great initiative especially as vision issues and myopia have assumed pandemic proportions globally. The campaign will provide access to vision screenings and lead to making our roads safer and prevent loss of lives.”

Sanjay Tiwari, Managing Director, Hoya Lens India said, “We are happy to be associated with IVI in this campaign and hope that it would enhance driving conditions. We wish IVI every success in their work to prevent avoidable blindness in India.”

About India Vision Institute

IVI is an Indian not-for-profit with the vision to provide access to primary eye care for the underprivileged and a pair of corrective glasses to every Indian in need of one. Our outreach and advocacy activities also include awareness generation, engaging communities, schools, partner institutions and others through talks, education, skill enhancement, and leadership development. Since 2012, IVI has helped change lives in 22 states of India. Through providing better vision and a pair of free corrective glasses, our programs have helped school children, workers, fisherfolk, stone sculptors and transgender communities, among others.  Vision and Road Safety is another priority for IVI and involves working with corporates/organizations on screenings and provision of free spectacles for commercial vehicle drivers. 

 About HOYA Vision Care

For over 60 years, HOYA Vision Care has been a passionate and global leader in optical technology innovation. As a manufacturer of high quality, high performing eyeglass lenses, HOYA continues to drive optical technology innovation with the aim of finding the best vision care solutions for Eye Care Professionals. The company supplies lenses in 52 countries with a network of over 18,000 employees and 45 laboratories around the globe.


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