Thursday, April 25, 2024

US Election Results: Too Early To Call

  • Trump wins crucial states Texas and Florida
  • Biden leads Arizona, confident on win in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin

Washington DC: US election counting has begun on Tuesday night. It looks to be a nail-biter ending. For the first time in US Presidential elections, the counting may take few days time to announce the result due to the delay in postal ballot count across states. Meanwhile, both candidates Trump and Joe Biden came up with tweets by saying ‘ There are chances of stealing the elections by Democrats and would make a statement shortly, followed by Biden tweet” Your patience is commendable, We knew this would go long, but who knew it would go till morning or  even longer. We feel good where we are, we really do…we are in track to win this election”.

Electoral Votes to decide race for White House

There are total 538 votes from 50 states for Electoral college and the one who will win 270, will be the next president for US. California has maximum with 58 votes followed by Texas with 38 votes. Ohio has 18 votes; Florida and New York have 29 votes each. Illinois and Pennsylvania have 20 votes each and all these will decide the next President to  sit in the White House of US.

Trump Wins Crucial States

As per the latest results, Trump won the crucial states such as Texas, Florida and Ohio. Every eye of Rrepublicans is on states of Michigan, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin which are said to be decider for the race. There is a clear cut neck and neck in North Carolina between two parties.

Trump is said to be ahead in Pennsylvania but Biden is still in a hope that it may turn around. Trump’s fate will also be decided from crucial state like Georgia and now he is leading in the state as per initial trend. Meanwhile, the Twitter war looks to be continuing between Biden and Trump when Twitter flagged off a tweet of Trump who said Democrats are in a way to steal the election. Trump further tweeted that they will never let them do it, and votes can’t be cast after the polls are closed.

Biden confident

Democratic Party is confident that they will make road to the White house. Biden who won in Arizona state felt Michigan, Pennsylvania will make their party head towards white House. Biden who spent the whole night watching results will address media in a short while from now.

Nail-biter finish

The most decisive election in the decade is running as a nail niter in counting. It is like a sea saw with results tending towards both parties as counting progress. Now the electoral votes stand at 223 and 212 between Democrats and Republicans with race for White House heats up. There may be delay in outcome of results, until then it is TOO CLOSE TO CALL.


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