Tuesday, May 16, 2023

Senates rescues Trump

  • Impeachment move defeated 57-43
  • Biden says the charge substantially sticks
  • Trump promises to continue in politics

Washington (DC): The US senate has protected former president Donald Trump from impeachment. Earlier the House of Representative had voted in favour of impeachment. The Senate which started the trial during the last week, has voted against the resolution of impeachment by 57-43 votes. Trump has hinted that he would be returning to active politics soon. After the acquittal, Trump said he has a lot to share with the people of the country to prove the greatness of America.

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Sad episode : Biden

In contrast, President Joe Biden, who kept quiet during the trial said on Saturday after the voting was over that although the vote has cleared the former president, the essence of the allegations remains. ‘The sad episode has demonstrated how fragile is our democracy which has to be always protected, ‘said Biden.

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Senates rescues Trump

Will continue the incredible journey: Trump

Trump did not incite the crowds as he made his comments after the attack by his supporters had already begun. His comments are protected by the first amendment to the US constitution which is about freedom of speech, the defence argued. Trump won over 7.4 crore votes in the election. It is a record for any incumbent.  He hinted at the possibility of his remaining active in politics sharing many more things with Americans. “I look forward to continue our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all our people,” he said.


Nancy calls senators cowards

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of House of Representatives, called the senators who acquitted the former president  cowards. “In this way, it would let everybody off the hook,” she commented.  This is the second trial to impeach the former president. The first was during his presidency. The first trial went on for longer duration while the second was limited to verifying the visual footage and the nature and timing of  Trump’s statement to see whether it amounted to incitement. The Republican party has decided to support its former president and save him from the embarrassment of impeachment.

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