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US Elections 2020: Trump and twitter War

  • Twitter Flags Trump’s tweets for second time
  • Decision after disclaimer posted tweet of Trump on postal Ballot as “dispute”

Widespread  fraud due to mail-in voting, believes Trump

Hyderabad: Mail-in voting for US Presidential election 2020 became a big topic of debate between Republicans and Democrats with former going against the format and later supporting it. Republicans felt that it will lead to widespread  fraud but Democrats favour  saying it is safer than in-person voting.

Trump’s tweet on ‘Mail-in voting’ was flagged by Twitter when it received a post stating the content was disputed and misleading the voters of US. The disclaimer came up with a tag proof that shows how safe and legal is mail-in-voting. This is not for the first time twitter flagged President’s tweet, previous  tweet was also flagged when he came up saying his health is immune to corona virus, as social media felt that tweet was misleading health claims.

Early voting creates record in Elections

Early voting by mail-in has created record voter turnout with 60% shattering all previous records of voter’s turnout. This is 4% higher when compared to 2016 elections as per US Election commission Website. The main reason for this huge turnout is Trump and Covid pandemic and people don’t want to gather in large numbers on Nov 3 for voting, particularly senior citizens who are vulnerable to virus.

Texas, California and Florida witnessed large scale voting in last week. President Trump used his vote in Florida on Saturday and according to  early trends, Texas and California tend towards Republicans and Florida going the way of Biden.

It might take more time to check the exotic aggregation of mail-in voting which may lead to further delay on Election Day, Nov 3. Earlier, the voter has to come up with reasons why he is opting for mail –in rather than ballot box, but as the Covid pandemic spike is in peak, that option was removed for 2020 elections.

Youth Voters Throng  

Relatively, low rates were shown by youth voters for decades but for the first time, young voters came out for mail-in voting. This large turnout may wield out a significant political power in politics as per experts. But accepting post marked ballots even after the election date, from nearly 25 states out of 50 may lead to delay to know who will be the winner of White House. Early trends predict Biden is enjoying lead over Trump, but as the election date is getting closer, the gap is getting reduced and turning into a tough fight.


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