Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Twitter Locks Amit Shah’s Profile Pic

  • Step was under copy right violation, says Twitter
  • Netizens demand Twitter ban
  • Restores it shortly saying it was ‘due to inadvertent error’

New Delhi: Twitter faced severe criticism from Indians after profile picture of Union Minister for Home was removed. The reason said by spokesperson of Twitter was that a  complaint was received saying violation of global copy right policy took place and profile picture was locked due to ‘an inadvertent error’.

Amit Shah has 23.6 million followers

However the decision was reversed and account was resumed full function when they faced severe criticism from Indians using #Ban Twitter post. Amit Shah is enjoying twitter with huge following of 23.6 millions. After the picture was locked, the message displayed in profile picture of Amit Shah was ’Media not displayed, this image has been removed in response to a report from a copy right holder.

Twitter removed this on Thursday and its copyright policy states” In General, the photographer and NOT the subject of a photograph is the actual rights holder of the resulting photograph”.

Not the first time

This is not for the first time that the Twitter did like this. There are few examples prior when a similar incident happened for BJP’s leader Subramnian swamy. His profile picture and banner photo were locked for few days and restored after Swamy’s team  warned of legal action. It restored immediately but gave explanation that it was done due to a complaint from unknown person belonging to Bangladesh. BCCI profile picture was also removed by twitter quoting the same reason, ‘copy right violation’.


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