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TDF promotes natural farming in Siricilla district

  • President Divesh R Anireddy inaugurates CHC at Mustabad
  • Asks farmers and customers to go for natural farming

Telangana Development Forum, USA, President Divesh R Anireddy on Monday inaugurated TDF Jaikisan Agriculture Custom hiring Centre (CHC) at Mustabad (V) & (M) , Rajanna Siricilla district of Telangana State.  The main aim of the CHC is to facilitate small and medium farmers to hire farm equipments to promote natural farming since all can’t afford to buy agri. machinery. Even if they buy one, it becomes dead storage as they use only twice a year at the maximum.  SERP (Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty) is promoting CHC with 40℅ Subsidy for Group farmers but it’s limited to one unit for district. To overcome this limitation and promote natural farming in rural villages TDF (USA) has come to set up CHC in rural villages.

Divesh R Anireddy, president of TDF and others interacting with Mustabad villagers

Labour shortage and rising agri. costs

Today there is a lot of labour shortage and labour costs are high, due to which small and medium farmers are not able to bear, even if hired, the agriculture input costs are going up, decreasing final income on agriculture, forcing rural people to leave agriculture profession and sometimes leading to sucides.  To overcome such problems and to help farmers , TDF Jaikisan is helping at it’s best since Telangana state formation, said Matta Rajeshwar Reddy, General Secretary, TDF (India). These days farmers are using excessive  pesticides at farms to remove weeds. This practice  is not only damaging farmers’ health but also consumers health causing soil and environment pollution said Dr. Divesh R Anireddy, newly elected TDF USA President. He requested farmers to best utilise the agri equipments and become role model to other farmers and other villagers.

TDF representatives and Mustabad villagers holding the banner of Jaikisan

Weed removal machine donated

To Save Soil and to save environment TDF today has given weed removal machine to Mustabad village farmers for free so that farmers can avoid harmful pesticides to remove weeds under the leadership of  Rajeshwar Reddy. TDF (India) newly elected jaikisan chair Pati Narender  assured that TDF Jaikisan projects would be taken to more villages to help farmers. He interacted with farmers and addressed their concerns about natural farming practices and advised tips overcome issues.  Mustabad Government Agriculture officer Venkateshwarlu appreciated TDF’s efforts towards farmers’ upliftment. Mustabad farmers and consumers attended the event and made it a grand success.


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