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TDF, Swastava to work together for cancer care in TS

TDF USA and Swastava cancer care have signed an MOU to fight against Cancer in Telangana. Telangana Development forum USA president Sri Dr. Divesh R Anireddy and Swastava cancer care Vice president Dr. K. Ramachandra Murthy  have made an MOU agreement between two NGO’s to fight against the cancer. TDF USA has come forward  to provide a Rs 15 Lakh  worth Ambulance to Swastava Cancer Care Society to conduct cancer  and  health awareness programmes among rural public on cervical, breast, & oral cancer which are highly prevalent in Telangana.

Ambulance to be donated by the TDF to Swastava

Since formation of Telangana State, effort s are being made by Government of Telangana, suppoted by TDF USA, in creating medical infrastructure in all the districts and Swastava has been organising screening of women for the above cancers and helping them with  medical facilities providing for investigations till diagnosis to enable them to get admitted wherever Arogya shree is applicable. A flagship programme “Reach them young” designed to educate Govt. school children on tobacco & Cancer for classes 8,9 &10, Segregating girl children and educate them on menstrual hygiene, personal hygiene and problems of HIV.  TDF USA president explained about TDF services in Health care, Jai Kisan, Manabadi, Skill Development and Rural development. He extended his full support to Swastava services in cancer prevention activities.

MOUs exchanged between TDF and Swastava Cancer Care. From L to R: Venugopal, Dr. Chaturvedi, Prabin Bardhan, Dr. K. Ramachandra Murthy, Dr. Divesh R.Anireddy, Raja Reddy, Rajeswara Reddy and Tula Arun.

Swastava General secretary Dr.Chaturvedi explained about their NGO services towards Cancer care and also about their future vision to fight against the cancer. He spoke about Swastava’s plan to have a transition facility for the persons coming to Hyderabad from rural areas to stay and get tested and treated. Accommodation, food and care would be provided free of cost, he said. TDF Indian General secretary Matta Rajeshwar Reddy explained the role of natural farming for cancer prevention. The  program was attended by TDF NGO Team Dr. Divesh TDF USA president, Vatte Raja Reddy TDF India President Matta Rajeshwar Reddy,  TDF India general secretary, TDF India coordinator S Vinil and Tula Arun respectively.  Dr. V. Chaturvedi, Founder & General Secretary, Dr K. Ramachandra Murthy, Vice President,   G. Venugopal,  Vice President, Prabin Bardhan  Joint Secretary attended from Swastava Cancer care.

Guests holding the poster of Jai kisan meet to be held on the 24th.
K. Ramachandra Murthy
K. Ramachandra Murthy
Founder & Editor


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