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Somayajulu, a walking encyclopaedia

Remembering with nostalgia and affection Sri DA SOMAYAJULU (1953 – 2018) on his fifth death anniversary

Distinguished Chartered Accountant, economist and  expert in constitutional law, Somayajulu had versatile interests and wore many hats in life. He began his career with industrial promotion and eventually became the champion of the dry land farmer of this ancient country whose companions have been famine and poverty since times immemorial.

Somayajulu and KVP Ramachandra Rao, who was a close ally of YSR, at a pooja.

As the financial adviser to the YSR Government in the combined Andhra Pradesh (2004-09) and as the Deputy Chairman of the Agricultural Technology Mission of the State during the same period, his role in strategising the overall economic growth of the State and in championing the cause of the farmer in distress is unforgettable.

A walking encyclopaedia, Somayajulu enjoyed a cult status among politicians and legislators who thronged to his place for knowledge and guidance.

A kind hearted and caring companion, whose quick temper would very soon soften into remorse, Somayajulu’s friends – their number is legion, remember him for his frankness, his fierce independence, his optimism, his courage, his love of the underdog and his milk of humanity.

It was my good luck to have been Somayujulu’s friend for nearly four decades and to have earned his love and affection in abundance.

A well read and thoughtful man and a keen admirer of Nehru, the builder of modern India, one of the passages that Somayajulu admired and often quoted was from Panditji’s Tryst with Destiny Speech:  “The ambition of the greatest man of our generation has been to wipe every tear from every eye. That may be beyond us. But as long as there are tears and suffering, so long our work will not be over”.

Overwhelmed by a deep sense of void and loss, and a sense of longing   five years after his death,  I offer my humble tribute to the memory of Somayajulu.

How different life would have been had Somayajulu been amongst us now with his cheerful and engaging presence, shedding sweetness and light all around.

Nivarthi Mohan Kumar


  1. Sir it is not easy for me to express in language about sir and his presence in my life. I am so honoured, privileged and fortunate to have Sri soma yajulu garu in my life . He was guide and my well wisher and I experienced his guardianship for me throughout.He is very very close to my heart and I experience his aura and presence now and he is with us always.. Balaji Naidu


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