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Sean Connery: Screen Bond no more

  • First to bring the role of James Bond on big screen
  • Known for famous dialogue’ My name is bond, James bond’
  • Oscar winning Socttish actor died in sleep in Bahamas at 90

London: Scottish actor who ruled silver screen for four decades as screen ‘James bond’ is no more. He had his last breathe peacefully in sleep as per his family members. It was confirmed on official twitter account “James bond.”  He received Oscar for his role in the movie ‘untouchables’ which hit the screen in 1988. He also won three golden global awards. His famous movies include, ‘Never say Never again,’ ‘Diamonds are forever,’ ‘Gold finger,’  ‘You only Love Twice’ etc.

Sean was born on 25 Aug 1930. His life changed when he went to London to appear in Mr. Universe body building competition during mid 1950’s. He got a chance for stage show with 15 Euros per week. Later he acted in a major film in 1957 titled ’No road Back’ with gangster story backdrop.  The first James Bond film released on 05 October 1962 with title ‘Dr. No’. Sean acted only in seven films as Bond, but dialogue like’ Hello Mr Bond’ will be reverberating in ears of spy movie lover’s forever

EON Production producers Michael G. Wilson and Barbara Broccoli, known for producing James Bond series released a statement after hearing the news.” He was and will always be remembered as the original James Bond whose indelible entrance into cinema history began when he announced those unforgettable word-‘My name’s Bond-James Bond’. Statement read.

Sean, though a supporter of Scottish Independence,  was knighted by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth in 2000. For the re-establishment of Scottish Parliament, Sean used his stature as International movie star.

Sean’s  original name was Thomas Sean Connery, but when he came to know that his first name wouldn’t fit for theatre marquee, he removed first one –Thomas – from his name. He stopped acting at  age of 70 and spent his leisure time by playing golf. He announced his retirement in 2007 even he got a chance to act in another film ‘Indiana Jones’. But he said with a laugh’ retirement is much too damned fun.’   


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