Monday, April 22, 2024

Saturn, Jupiter Conjunction on Dec 21st.

  • Said to be splendid celestial phenomenon
  • Happened on July 16th, 1623, next will be on March 15th, 2080
  • Coming closer is observed across the world for two weeks

Hyderabad: It is said to be one of the celestial splendour phenomenon which is going to happened on Monday, Dec 21st. At 11.51PM on Monday, Jupiter in conjunction with Saturn will occur in other words, both will appear very near to each other as seen from Earth after sunset.

Planetary Society of India (PSI) said that this kind of close encounter happened earlier on July 16th, 1623 and after 21 December 2021, it will happen again on 15 March 2080. People in India can see these two planets closest encounter at least for 30 minutes after sunset between 6.15 PM to 7.30 PM which are going to set in West by 8.02 PM.

If we see with bare eyes, they appear as non-twinkling star like objects as per PSI. It is easy to differentiate the two, with one brightest glow is Planet Jupiter and the other is Planet Saturn. PSI said people may experience little difficulty to observe the gap between these two on Dec 21st, but they can witness the growing gap between these two as days pass on.

So don’t miss this opportunity which is said to be one of the splendid celestial phenomena happening in the sky on Monday between two planets.


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