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This is my way of remembering the eminent jurist and constitutional expert, who passed away the other day at the ripe age of 95.

Sometime in the mid-Seventies,  Nariman had come to Hyderabad to deliver keynote address to a conference at the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI).

I was reporter in the Hyderabad bureau of The Indian Express. The man assigned to cover the conference, taking advantage of the absence from the city of the boss. skipped it. The practice those days (may be even today) was to pick it from friends in other newspapers. Unfortunately for him, the chief returned the same day true to the definition that boss is one who comes early when you are late and late when you are on time. He was furious to learn that the reporter had bunked it..

Virtually grabbing my shoulder, VS Ganapati Sarma said ‘come  Kesava Rao. let us go. we may still be able to make it.’ The meeting was over when we reached. However, we were relieved to know that the dignitary was staying in the same premises.

The eminent jurist gave us tea, a detailed briefing and support material. My boss was overjoyed. As he saw us off at the door, the urbane host said ‘sorry gentlemen for receiving you in this state of undress.’ He was referring to the long overcoat in which he wrapped himself. ‘Our pleasure, sir, our pleasure,’ my boss muttered as the amused Constitution expert closed the door behind him.

Our chief was a simple fatherly kind of a man, who loudly chanted verses from the Gita when in good mood and hurled paper weights on mute helpless targets like steel almirahs or the walls when annoyed(EoM).

Dasu Kesava Rao
Dasu Kesava Rao
Dasu Kesava Rao is a senior and accomplished journalist. He retired as chief of bureau, The Hindu, Hyderabad. Earlier he worked for The Indian Express. He is now president of Telangana Veteran Journalists Association.


  1. it is so nice of you to have shared your experience sir. The kind of respect you people were commanding amoung the scholars and politicians which is commendable sir.
    we are indeed lucky to have known you sir during our tenure. we would like to hear many more experience of yours through articles. Thank you


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